Four phrases of great entrepreneurs that will change your life

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Today they are great personalities, all of them were young with many ideas and desire to undertake from virtually zero; after this, they left their experience in phrases that are a sign of its passage through the storm of events that had to face. Here are some lines that portray the feeling of a lifetime of effort:

1. “It is important to remember that we all have magic within us” J.K Rowling. The creator of Harry Potter, whose first book nobody wanted to buy; however, he never gave up and became the award-winning writer who is now.

2. “If you let out your fears, you will have more space to live your dreams” Marilyn Monroe. The known sex symbol was a girl who was in a foster family family, nothing could have predicted that would model and actress after such a high level; but his work led her to the top.

3. “Selective memory to remember the good, logical prudence to not ruin the present and defiant optimism to face the future” Isabel Allende. Writer who suffered the coup in Chile and fled to Caracas to take refuge from fate that might hold, there, in a strange country without much to lose, worked until his works were known for their quality.

4. “It is not the appearance, is the essence. It’s not the money, it is education. It is not the clothes, it is the class” Coco Chanel. The grande dame of French fashion lived his childhood in a convent where she learned to sew, to grow and with 20 years while working as a charge in a haberdashery, he borrowed money to open his shop and make clothes to your liking that revolutionized world.

These women stood out in an era where business loans were not the first way to find capital or simply not given for not having guarantees. Still, they never stopped working, accomplished great things through their own efforts, with a fixed idea, and changed their lives to become the best version of themselves.

These examples can help you to pursue your dreams, do not wait and start to change the course of your life that you may be the next to appear in phrases of successful men.

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