Great Reasons For Offering Low Cost Products/Services

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Sales of low cost products have experienced tremendous growth in the last five years

In recent years, due to the economic situation in the global economy is submerged, several entrepreneurs saw the perfect opportunity to implement their ideas and make physical by creating companies and various entities put and test the market with so competitive prices. The creation of this type of companies offering the sale of services and low cost products has sat like a glove to a large group of people, and this new habit of consumption increased sensitivity for the price when making the purchase.

Several sectors have been affected by this type of products, but especially there is a large concentration of these products in the sectors that will detail later.

food industry

In this sector specifically, buyers do not look both quality but in price, especially the middle class and low. When making the purchase of basic foods such as bread, legumes, vegetables and other consumers prefer a cheap price to quality, and this is why so products low cost power have been so successful and have managed to fill a vacant space. A great example of companies that distribute and make such products is easyFoodstore reach a supermarket chain in which all the products cost 25 pence (about 33 cents). This company has been created by the same who founded easyJet, another affordable products company focused on air transport, which is enjoying a huge success.

Transport Sector

This sector has been largely affected by applications and web pages they find the best prices for travel and allow the option to share vehicle. Soon, Internet is filled with applications and web pages they find low cost travel options, and getting cheaper. Applications like Uber, a company that facilitates the availability of self-employed drivers to give a similar to a taxi service and Bla, offering the opportunity to make a particular route with another driver also intends to do the same route , they have had a noticeable effect on the union of taxi drivers and public transport. This apart, while they are establishing more and more airlines flight ridiculous prices such as easyJet and Vueling, which are the main companies that are among the cheapest web searchers Flights page.


Aunqu and clothing manufacturing companies with affordable prices fundasen before this “fashion” of the sale of very affordable, have had a major push in the last five years and will continue to boom in the coming years. Zara for example, was founded in 1975 and has had great success almost from the beginning of this century, but has been with the sales of recent years when its founder, Amancio Ortega, has increased so its heritage that now is the fourth richest man in the world. But if we are talking about a fashion company that has exploded recently, the company is Primark. Primark is undergoing a major expansion around the globe recently, which has led to increase sales by 22% in 2013 and 16% in 2014.


Recently we have been able to contemplate the “boom” that have electronic devices, but there is nothing that can surpass sales of smartphones and tablets. In this section, the Asian market has been the most global impact has perpetrated, with brands like Samsung and Huawei, block with a market share of 31.4%. In this type of product, Asians are the market leaders, and even more so in terms of low cost technology products is concerned. They have always been the most products (copies, imitations) have produced and sold, but especially in the technology sector, which is why so today its largest country, China, is one of the major world powers more important the globe.

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