Operation RFC for individuals and businesses

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The Federal Tax is the measure taken by the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit to designate individuals or private organizations must pay taxes on time periods established.

Explaining better have to register the “Individuals” (employees or private entrepreneurs) and “People Morales” (companies engaged in offering products and services).

Formerly the processing of the RFC was a rather complicated matter, because the applicant was forced to go several times to a tax office so that its data were captured. Fortunately, today technology has enabled software tools actively involved in this process, which involves the methodology enroll in the RFC can be carried out online.
What are some of the functionality of the RFC?

– It is essential when you want to get a credit card, since the presence of RFC the issuing bank ensures that indeed the client has a steady job and therefore can afford the monthly payments without drawbacks. In addition, you are required to submit proof of income

– For the purchase and sale of properties (houses, buildings, warehouses etc.). We must take into account that these transactions involve the payment of excise duty, why the Tax Administration Service calls the RFC with homoclave both the buyer and the seller.

– When deciding to hire the services of a manager for the Fund Retirement Savings. Again, banks verify an impression of RFC, with the aim of linking this service payroll of his client.

– At the moment when you want to dip into credit they offer workers the Institute of the National Housing Fund.

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