How significant is the first date in adult dating?  Does it help in laying the foundation for a long lasting relationship? Do all the tricks and tips we learn for the first date really help?  Does a really bad first date signify anything?  Do we really have to decode everything that happens on a first date and try to read what the person is all about?  Is it a blunder to sleep with each other on a first date?  Do we give the first date a lot more importance than we should be giving it?

The first date does play an important role in the development of a relationship between two people.  The impressions do last a long time.  When asked about the first date, many couples who are happily married for a long time, do not recall a very pleasant first date.  Most of them recall that their first dates have been horrifying.  Florence, who is 52 years old and is celebrating her Silver Jubilee Marriage Anniversary with Ken, this April, recalls that their first date had been so bad that she did not expect to see Ken again in her life, forget about spending rest of her life with him.  Ken recalls that he was so nervous about meeting her for the first time that he messed up the whole date.  He looks at her affectionately and says, ‘I couldn’t help it, she was breathtakingly beautiful for me and I wanted to impress her in every way possible.’  Florence and Ken are sensible to take the relationship further even after the horrible first date experiences.  Most of them do not take such decisions.  Few of them feel that a bad first date is kind of a sign that they should not be taking the relationship any further.  They give  their first date experience a lot more importance than it should be given.  Yes, the first date does play an important role in adult dating but it is not the only point of consideration in taking the relationship any further.

The story of Ken and Florence also show that how nervous people can be on their first date.  One cannot arrive at decisions based on the behavior or talk of the other person during the first date.  Some of them can be very talkative on their first dates, while few of them stay really silent but they call can behave very differently in their usual life.  The dating experts hence advise that the first dates should not be taken as serious as they are taken generally.  And it is not a crime to sleep with each other on a first date.  It totally depends on the people, their likes and their experiences. 

The first date in adult dating should not be looked upon as a make or break point for a relationship.  The more serious you take it, the more nervous you get and thus, more chances of ruining it.  Hence, sit back, relax and be yourself, who knows you might end up spending rest of your life with this person.

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