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Not knowing that the IMEI change is possible has made a lot of problems for too many users who own smartphones with locked SIM cards. The latest app which goes by the name of IMEI changer is capable to alter the IMEI code of any smartphone directly from the database where it was originally registered. After a long development period, this amazing application has finally hit the internet and is drastically making changes to the better for those people who were having extreme problems while they were using their locked smartphones.

Once you make the change of the IMEI code of your device, it will work with new SIM cards regardless of the manufacturer to the network operator that issued them.

 Is it good idea to alter the IMEI code?

You will be surprised by the advantages and benefits you will obtain by making this simple change. Because of the unique method of altering the code, once the change is successfully made, you will be able to use the smartphone on any mobile network around the world. And on top of that, this method works even for devices which previously were blacklisted or reported as lost. It is simply amazing what the IMEI changer can do.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using this app are the facts that you will factory unlock your cell phone and no longer will you have to worry about network lock or the restrictions which are imposed by the mobile carriers.

 How does it work and how to use the IMEI changer

Right before you can utilize this app for IMEI Changer, it is required that you learn the IMEI code of your cell phone. There are a few simple methods to do that.

The first method is to dial the number *#06#. Once the number is dialed, after a few seconds the 15 digit IMEI code will be shown on your device’s screen.

Alternatively, you can search this code under Settings-General-About.

You are all set!!!

 So now is the time to alter the IMEI code of your smartphone.

This app is free and there are no hidden fees.

Follow these instructions to get the job done right:

  1. With your USB cable, connect the smartphone and computer, laptop
  2. Launch the IMEI changer software app
  3. Choose the exact model of your phone from the list
  4. Choose the carrier to which your phone is currently under lock
  5. In the empty fields provide the IMEI number of the device
  6. Press “Generate”
  7. Agree with the terms and conditions
  8. Restart your smartphone
  9. Dial the number *#06# to see if the change was successfully made
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