Converting Videos into DVD with Movavi Video Converter

In most cases you may be perfectly content watching videos on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. But sometimes it may be more convenient if you could play it on your DVD player – especially if you want to enjoy it on a larger screen.

Although some of the newer DVD players support multiple formats of video files, most still do not. As such you are likely to need to convert it into a DVD-compatible format – such as MPG.

As much as you may be apprehensive about converting videos, it isn’t really that hard – at least not with Movavi Video Converter. In fact if anything it is actually downright easy as you simply need to add the video, choose a format and click a single button to convert your video between any formats.

In this particular case Movavi Video Converter will help you make it even easier still. Under its ‘Video’ tab that contains various formats you’ll find a specific category for ‘DVD-Compatible Video’ that contains a variety of presets – all of which should work with your DVD player.

The only part that might confuse you a bit is the PAL and NTSC standards, but in most cases you can choose either as most DVD players tend to support both. After that the only thing you need to decide on to choose the right preset in Movavi Video Converter is the resolution and quality.

As you can see it really isn’t difficult at all to convert videos using Movavi Video Converter, and you’ll probably be done in a jiffy. Once you have converted your video to DVD compatible format you can then burn it onto a DVD and watch it using your player.

Before you do so however, you should take a minute or two to explore the various other features in Movavi Video Converter. Odds are you may have noticed that it has presets for audio and image files too – which is what allows it to be used to convert all types of media files.

Frankly that expands its functionality further than you may imagine, as it will also let you create animated GIFs out of video clips, grab screenshots from videos, or extract audio tracks. The other notable features in the software will let you edit your video to improve its quality, cut and join video segments, add captions, and more.

All in all the extensive features in Movavi Video Converter coupled with how easy it is to use will make it perfect for handling videos on a regular basis. While you may only want to convert videos to DVD-compatible formats for now – who knows when the other tools that it brings to the table may also prove useful.

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