The Untold Truth about Anavar 50mg Tablets

What is Anavar?

Anavar, the trade name of drug Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid that was initially developed to help the patients to regain the lost weight after a severe trauma or a surgery or any chronic infections. It was also used for people who cannot maintain a healthy body weight and for patients suffering from Osteoporosis to help reduce bone pain. Later, it was discovered that Anavar is similar to testosterone which helps to lose body fat, gain lean mass, grows good muscle tissue and builds strength as well. Hence, it is used by body builders.Anavar is very helpful in reducing body fat and hence helps in building muscles, thereby increasing ones strength. In a study done in the year 2000, it was also proven that it has the ability of healing wounds very fast.

How does Anavar work?

Phosphocreatine is required to generate adenosine triphosphate which gives you a burst of energy for intensive workout and weight lifting. Anavar helps in increasing Phosphocreatine which in turn increases adenosine triphosphate   and you get that extra energy for workout. Hence, Anavar is used in cutting cycles helping you to lose fat and retain lean muscle.


In its pharmaceutical form, Anavar comes in a 2.5 mg which is the safest dosage even for children. For body building purpose, a general dose of 25-50mg is used per day to see good results. The dose is different for Women and men and also depends on how your body accepts the drug.

Women generally start with 5-10 mg of Anavar and slowly increase the dose between 10-20mg provided they do not have any sever virilization (male like physical characteristics).

Men can start with 20mg per day and slowly increase between 40-60mg per day.

Anavar is anabolic in nature. Hence, it takes about 3-4 weeks to notice muscle growth. However, do note that the muscle grown is very solid and long lasting as well. It is a very pricy drug and hence many think before buying it. Read The Untold Truth About Anavar 50mg Tablets here.

Benefits of using Anavar:

  1. 1. Bulking drug: Anavar does not cause water retention and hence it is good to be used in bulking cycle. Hence, there is no weight gain. It gives drastic amount of strength which helps in production of creatine that is useful in lifting heavy weights.
  2. Doesn’t cause aromatization which is conversion of androgen into estrogen which could result in acne, bloating and loss of libido. It also does not cause masculine type of side effects and hence becomes the favorite among women.
  3. Burns fat: After stopping many steroids, you regain weight or the brunt fat is lost. But that is not the case with Anavar. With Anavar, your muscles look leaner and you lose fat especially in the abdominal area.
  4. Because it is mild, it does not have severe side effects. It does not have a severe shut down of HTPA. And recovery after Anavar is pretty easy.
  5. It helps in building lean mass when combined with a proper diet.

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