The worship session is acknowledged as one of the key services of Christian Churches, and experiencing the course to anyone is divine. Even though, the customs and rituals followed by churches in worship session differ a lot, however, the whole idea and common elements remain same. To understand its different phases, just have a look to the following points:

  • Almost all worship sessions are initiated with praising and singing worship songs. The number of songs varies from one or more, while it takes typically 30 minutes to one hour of worshiping. Many churches prefer following multiple courses, together with Saturday evening and Sunday morning and evening services. Apart from choir song arrangement, many churches feature solo or artist’s song.

  • According to the pastor and Prophet TB Joshua that the whole purpose of the session is exalting and worshiping about God. Worshipers express their wholehearted thankfulness, love and gratitude to God for all that he has offered out of his sea-deep kindness. All members are taught to simply forget all their personal during the course while recognizing the greatness of the Creator.

  • One important element of worship services is ‘offering’ from worshipers. Churches maintain their own rules when it comes to offering. While attendees can bring the offering directly to the pastor at the end of the course, many churches stay equipped with ‘offering basket’ or ‘offering plate’ enabling its members to present their contributions or gifts in the particular place.

  • A vital part of worshiping service is pronouncement of ‘words of God’. This session is widely known as sermon, when the pastor or teacher offers preaching to attendees. The objective of sermon is enabling the worshipers to apply them in their way of life. The time frame depends from 20-30 minutes.

  • The ‘greeting’ is another integral component of worship services. Churches provide extended period followed by the worship course where worshipers meet and greet others. For new visitors and members this is very welcoming session that make them familiar with his fellow members.

  • Many churches arrange Communion program especially on Sunday. However, there is no mandatory rule and this can be arranged all through the year. Communion also refers to ‘the Lord’s Table’, and is arranged after the sermon or messaging.

  • Alter call is often arranged by different Christian churches. In the session the pastor or speaker offers an opportunity to worshipers to respond or commit against different messages. In this course, people can publicly announce to follow the messages of Jesus Christ.

  • A closing worship service is also organized. This includes a closing prayer or song of God.

Born and brought up in the State ONDO, Nigeria, the childhood of Prophet TB Joshua was extremely struggle-some. The tale of how God chosen him to get involved in international ministry uplifting from his awful poverty and struggling life can make anyone spellbound. As of day, he is the General Overseer of the esteemed society SCOAN globally acknowledged as The Synagogue Church of All Nations. He has record number of followers from all across different countries of the world.

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