If you are married to an alcoholic or an addict, not only do you suffer from watching the individual you love going down the tubes but you are also affected directly. You need to deal with your better half behaving irrationally, perhaps lying, getting sick, cheating and indulging in unacceptable behaviors. On top of that, you are legally bound to this individual. this means that you need to bear the brunt and you are hooked for the damages this person might cause. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that addiction is one of the greatest challenges faced by a marriage. There are many ways in which marriages can get affected by addiction and they are as follows:

Distrust in Relationship

If your better half suffers from addiction, there is likely to be great distrust in your relationship. This generally happens because people stray lying about their addiction to their spouse. They might say that they are not into the habit or are not spending money on their addiction. However, things might be completely the opposite of this. When the other partner finds out the truth that his or her better half has been lying about his or her addiction, there is a growth in the lack of trust among the partners. This lack of trust continues to grow until both of them cannot believe a single word that comes out of their mouth. Thus, it can rightly be said that many problems revolve around trust and hence marriages are affected by addiction.

Communication Problems

Just like lack of trust, marriages are also affected due to the communication problems created by way of addiction. Most of the times, addicts generally have a hard time communicating with their partners. Continued addiction affects their short term memory. Many a times it happens that partners are not able to talk to each other intimately or for long hours because of their addiction problem. This is the recipe for destruction.      

How masturbation is harmful to your spouse?

This process leads to a variety of disorders like increasing of the genital infection, toughening of the genital organs externally. So, it should not be practiced by the married men. On the other hand, aggressive masturbation can also lead to the damaging as well as the scarring of the cells and tissues of the external sexual organs of the body. It can lead to some deformities like a bent penis or a highly sensitive clitoris or the g-spot. Thus, both the process can prevent the effectiveness of the sexual activity in the couple and thereby affecting the marriage. So now you must stay away from masturbation as you know how masturbation is harmful to your spouse.

Modern marriages are not stable in today’s fast paced world. People are now more practical and less emotional. They seldom have the time for their partners. The aforesaid masturbating processes affect their health in a very harmful way. As a result of these, they cannot satisfy their partners. The physical dissatisfaction leads to variety of adultery activities like unfaithfulness, suspicion, infidelity and even divorces.

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