Ever since humans have been able to play games there has been a need to score the games.  Unfortunately this often leads to conflict.  The practice of a manual scoreboard has left many teams and even individual players open to the whims of the scorer.  Manual scoring tables can be easily adjusted and although the resulting score may be disputed it is difficult to say for certain what has happened.

Of course, as technology has progressed so too has the scoring tables.  Every professional game and the majority of amateur games now rely on digital scoring tables.  These can be easily purchased; indeed there are a range of them to suit most budgets and your needs.  To find out the diversity it is possible to get simply visit one of the top scoring tables suppliers; such as Sideline Interactive.  You might be surprised and amazed at the different types of electronic scoring tables available!

The most obvious benefits from using electronic scoring tables are:

Difficult to Cheat

Whilst a manual scoring table can be adjusted; although this may not always be easy to do; a digital scoring table is virtually impossible to adjust.  Once it has been set up by a professional it will automatically keep score through a series of sensors.  It doesn’t matter if the game is ice hockey, basketball or even soccer; the sensors will register the relevant information and program the scores accordingly.


You will also find that electronic scoring tables can provide space for advertisements and re-runs of the action.  This can be excellent to help the crowd understand a decision or even see the play when the ball is hard to follow.  In addition the advertisements that run constantly along the bottom of the scoring tables can help to pay for the equipment in a very short space of time.

It is also possible to use LED scoring tables to display short films; these can be general advertisements with the fees paid to the club, or they can be messages from the club to its fans and supporters.  It is surprising how a positive message at the half time can lift the spirits even if your team is losing.


Whilst most old fashioned style scoring tables were relatively visible to the crowd; their effectiveness depended upon the size of the numbers.  This was effectively controlled by how easily the numbers could be changed.

However, with the modern, digital scoring tables it is possible to have huge LED scores displayed in several places round the court and they can all be updated simultaneously.  There is no reason not to know what is going on with the scores!

It is worth noting that the new style scoring tables can be fitted easily by a professional and will provide a cleaner, more professional look to your game.  The players will even be able to benefit for knowing the score or being able to see a playback.  This can avoid a lot of hassle!

The time to upgrade your old scoring tables is now!

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