Leather is an extremely tough material which has been in existence for many years.  Before there were bikers cowboys used leather to protect themselves whilst riding their horses.  A motorcycle is often referred to as a modern, steel horse!

The modern leather motorcycle vest offers a range of benefits to help any biker stay safe if the worst does happen.  This is why it is imperative to choose the right vest for your needs.  Of course, if you need to have one to match the rest of a gang you may have very little choice in your preferred vest.  The one that the rest of the gang wears will have to suit you!

If you are looking to choose your own vest then you should consider these points:


There are many different styles to choose from.  You can opt for a classic leather motorcycle vest; with or even without pockets.  Of course a pocket is often useful when you are riding.  There are long sleeved versions and several leather motorcycle vests have hoods!  These can be useful if you are riding in the pouring rain.

It is advisable to visit a local store specializing in leather motorcycle vests as this will give you a much better idea regarding which types are available.  You may be surprised at how much difference there is between a Viking style and a Stryker style!


Of course you will need to consider the cost of your leather motorcycle vest.  Leather is not the cheapest material in the world and the more intricate the jacket the higher the price will be.  Of course, the higher cost should also reflect the quality of the leather; the better the quality the better your level of protection will be if you do have an accident.


Some motorcycle jackets have protection built into them.  As well as the toughened outer material, they will have back protectors, shoulder and even elbow protectors.  These are designed to protect the weakest parts of your body and help to improve your overall safety.  Whilst this is not something that all bikers are concerned with; it is something you should take seriously; especially if you are looking to replace your leather motorcycle vest anyway.


Every supplier has their own range of products.  Your decision regarding which supplier to use may be controlled by the one that does the range you like.  However, if you are more flexible then you can choose from any vest you can see.

In this scenario it is best to locate a supplier which is fairly close to where you live; this will allow you to pop in on several occasions and note what is selling and when they have new stock coming in.  You will also be able to try on the different leather motorcycle vests to see which not only fits you best but looks good on you.

Everyone has their own preference but you may find it worthwhile to see what others have chosen to help influence your own decision!

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