Marvels in the World of Contemporary Landscape Paintings

Undoubtedly, landscape paintings are the best way to represent the beauty of Mother Nature. This genre of art is strongly inspired from the magnificence of our environment and artists have been recreating the exquisiteness which is held by the nature. As landscape paintings hold a strong resemblance to the natural surroundings, painters seldom require a lot of imagination to create a piece of art. They just need to step outside in order to witness the glory of beautiful nature.

Today we are attempting to throw some light on the most famous landscape paintings which are created by masterminds. The artists of these artworks created some memorable pieces through the magnificence of their brush strokes. However, these are a few notable mentions out of many beautiful creations. Here, we bring to you the famous landscape paintings as per our personal choice.

·         Timeless Odessa by Sallie K. Smith
Sallie K. Smith is an artist of American origin. She is based out of Boulder, Colorado. Being close to the beauty of nature, her paintings are a true depiction of the environmental magnificence of the American west, and her creation the Timeless Odessa is no exception. This painting showcases spectacular landscape views of mountains, rivers, and other nature’s marvels. This painting is a true example of natural beauty and is a delight to watch thanks to its contrast and vivid colour selection.

·         Sunrise and Long Shadows by Peter Seitz Adams
This is one of the most famous landscape paintings from this contemporary artist. Without a single doubt, sun is the strongest element of his painting and it has been able to cast influential effects on its audience. Adams is an accomplished painter and his ability to transfer emotions so beautifully on a canvas has made them so unique and amusing.

·         Nature of Time by Darlene Campbell
Nature of Time is an artwork which is a true representation of the reality. If you see a picture of the same spot, you will seldom find any difference between the painting and the photograph. This painting has a strange calming effect to it which is extremely fascinating. The uniqueness of Campbell is that she chooses to create paintings exactly as she sees in front of the eye. She does this to ensure that her audience get the exact same feeling after looking at the picture as they will while looking at the scenic beauty.

The masterworks mentioned above are undeniably famous landscape paintings which have left its audiences spellbound. Undoubtedly, contemporary artists are producing far more thought-provoking landscape paintings as they formerly used to be.

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