Importance Of Using An Interdental Cleaner For Oral Hygiene


When people visit their dentists for a regular checkup, an important question these medical practitioners ask them is whether they are flossing their teeth regularly. In many cases, many of these individuals do not always give positive answer to this query. They go out of their way to brush their teeth regularly twice a day but few of them follow these doctors’ advice regarding the use of interdental cleaners. They fail to realize that it is also an essential part of their basic oral hygiene. This is because the cord of these small filaments can convenient remove food items and plaque that a toothbrush cannot reach.

Dr. Kami Hoss is a reputed medical practitioner from San Diego, California in America with more than 20 years of valuable experience under his belt in the field of pediatric dental care and orthodontic. In addition to this, he is also the Chief Executive Officer of The Super Dentist, one of largest dental healthcare clinic in the region. He says it is important for people to understand that flossing is a critical part of the oral hygiene as regular brushing.

He points out the following advantages of using an interdental cleaner on a regular basis:

  • Prevents cavities

When people consume food items containing carbohydrates, the microorganisms present in the dental plaque convert these organic compounds into acids that attack the enamel of their teeth. This can eventually in the formation of cavities. Regularly flossing along with brushing helps to remove such food particles and plaque especially in areas where toothbrush cannot reach. Even using a mouthwash can help to kill bacterial plaque in teeth but it cannot remove tartar in those places.

  • Avoid occurrence of other serious aliments

Most people do not realize the regular flossing not only helps to keep their teeth strong and healthy but also acts a deterrence to the occurrence of other harmful aliments that can threaten their lives. Individuals who do not follow a strict oral healthcare routine are more vulnerable to heart disorders, diabetes and problems relating to their respiratory system.

  • Safeguards the gums

The area between the gums and the teeth tiny food particles accumulate and become hard over time to form tartar. With time this buildup can lead to gingivitis, which is the first stage of gum disease. Interdental cleaners are able to get into the space between the teeth and gums to remove such food items and plaque.

  • Saves money

Regular flossing along with brushing can go a long way in helping people maintain your teeth and gums. This implies they are less likely to suffer from toothaches, cavities and gum diseases in comparison to individuals who do not follow such strict oral healthcare regime. This can go a long way in helping reduce the number of visits they have to make to the dentist.

Dr. Kami Hoss says flossing is an essential part of a person’s oral hygiene as brushing. This is because an interdental cleaner is able to reach those areas of his month that a toothbrush cannot. Moreover, this healthcare practice also helps to prevent other life-threatening aliments.

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