Many people are not so lucky as you as the world is not perfect. There are wars, terrorism, poverty and many more such global issues that haunt the world and steal the joys from mankind. It is here that you can make a positive difference to people who need your help. This service can be either financial or time. They need your support to overcome the challenges they face. With your kindness and compassion, you can also save a life and be a hero in someone else’s world.

Experience the joys of giving…

Mark Arabo is global humanitarian based in the USA. He donates to charity and fights for social justice for his less privileged fellow human beings. He encourages philanthropic activities for everyone both young and old. He says that life can be cruel to some people. For instance, take the case of poverty. The person born into poverty cannot be blamed for his or her circumstances. He says that due to lack of financial resources many children cannot even eat two square meals a day. They are deprived of an education and they need to live with the woes of poverty for the rest of their lives. Many people who are better placed than them look down upon them. This of course robs them dignity, confidence and self-esteem.

Reach out and help

Mark Arabo says that one small step in the direction of poverty and other social issues that plague the Earth like terrorism, racism, discrimination and more can really change the world for one person. You do not have to do much. Keeping aside of your time or income for a charitable cause can really help someone in despair and need. The person needs your support to bounce back into society and lead a respectable life he says.

Volunteer and serve the community

When it comes to your first step towards charity, you do not have to worry about from where to start. You may approach your local club or community center to ask them about any charitable causes they are working on. You may join them and start experiencing the joys of giving. You will gain immense pleasure when you are giving back to society. You have the ability to change the life of one person with this small and noble step. At the same time, you also have the ability to change your own life. There are reports and evidence that people who indulge in regular charity find an inexplicable happiness inside them.

Therefore, if you really are interested to bring a transformation in your life and the lives of others, start doing charity today. If you do not have money, you do not have to worry. There are many people who need your personal presence and support. You can give them the morale and confidence they need to start believing that the world is not a harsh place after all- you do have good people in it and you can be one of them!

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