Millions of people in this world depend upon chauffeuring service for their bread and butter. Few of them are engaged with private chauffeur hire companies like Chauffeur hire London while others run their own business in this field.

A good chauffeur needs to be equipped with the following qualities:

  •   Smartness and hygiene – The chauffeur must be smart enough with good appearance. A dress with white shirt, collar, black ties and good shoes is a must. Wearing quality gloves during driving also adds to one’s appearance. Chauffeur with good hygiene are preferred by the passengers. Clean shaven persons are more popular. Emphasis should be laid on personal cleanliness and maintain the hygiene in good manners.
  •    Politeness and punctuality – The chauffeur is expected to touch his cap when allowing the passenger in or during his exit from the car. He should be available near the car at all times. Politeness on his part goes a long way in attracting the passengers. The chauffeur should exit the car first on arriving at the destination and help the client to get out. The sincere chauffer should be punctual towards his duties and not disappoint the clients or the owners in any manner.
  •    Avoid much conversation and smoking – The chauffeur should avoid entering into conversation with the passenger unless encouraged by him or her. His behavior towards the client must be courteous enough and the conversation must be quite brief. The next point is to avoid smoking. Good chauffeurs are expected not to smoke during driving or in the waiting periods. He or she should not smoke in the car for a considerable time before picking up the passengers. All traces of smoking should be removed.
  •    Carrying of luggage – Passengers may carry their baggage etc with them. The same should be loaded in the car by the chauffeurs that must unload upon arriving at the destination.
  •    Knowledge about the route – Good chauffeur is expected to be equipped with proper knowledge about the routes on which he or she is driving. Assistance from the transport department may be sought in this regard.
  •    Deal with accidents – The persons employed with Chauffeur hire London or other concerns should know how to deal with accidents in which they unfortunately get involved. He should be able to fill the accident form and complete other formalities.
  •   Car’s appearance and maintenance – Chauffeurs maintaining their cars in good manners are regarded by all. They must keep the vehicle in good conditions and remove the surplus oil from the engine and dust from the car. Ash trays should be properly cleaned before moving the vehicle on the road. Chauffeurs are expected to wash the car before and after going on any journey. Clean cold water must be used and the cleaning should be started from top onwards. Good pieces of sponges and leathers may be used. All the door frames should be sponged in good manners. The windows may be cleaned inside. Good wax polish may be used after drying up the car. Soft moistened cloth may be used for this purpose. The car should give new looks at all times.

The above few tips go a long way in favor of a chauffeur that intends to win the passengers forever.

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