Importance of Quality Content for Effective Offpage Optimization


Without quality content, all your efforts at offpage optimization are an exercise in futility. Most SEO and content marketers are still trying to figure the relationship that exists between content and SEO.  How does SEO and content complement each other? How can they be effectively combined to achieve a successful offpage optimization. In very broad terms, SEO tells you what you need to do to make your internet marketing campaign successful online, while content marketing helps you satisfy those conditions. SEO requires content, backlinks, keywords and onsite optimization; quality content simply satisfies all these conditions.

Offpage Optimization

But then, what is offpage optimization? Offpage optimization simply refers to all the steps webmasters take, external to the website, that would improve its search rankings position. It refers to the measures that will help create several high quality backlinks. Although Onpage optimization makes the website to be easily indexed by search engines like Google, offpage optimization also plays a vital role.

Link Building

The purpose of link building is to get as many backlinks as possible from top quality websites. What are the basic guides to building an effective backlink profile? There are several ways this could be achieved, some of which are permissible by Google. Search engines favor organic backlinks simply because these provide top quality content that online users voluntarily link to. This makes this type of links a definite recommendation from the online user.

Buying links are generally frowned at by search engines and Google will actually penalize such sites by dropping their position on search engine ranking or outright removal from the search engine index in some cases.

Other less important link building measures that web owners use is to manually add their backlinks  in some forums, comment fields or even catalogues. Google assesses the quality of a backlink based on certain parameters: link placement, number of links from a  particular source and hjow credible the linking site is.

Social Signal

This loosely refers to “signals” on social media platforms that redirect to a particular site. Article reviews and blog comments could also regarded as social signals. The importance of social signals in search engine ranking is still quite debatable. However, most Google experts don’t even consider social signals. How many “Likes” are required to make a post valuable? How many tweets does a marketing post need to rank high?

Offpage Optimization Tools

 Like its onpage counterpart, there are several tools available for offpage optimization analysis. These tools can determine the number of backlinks a website has or provide a detailed breakdown of the website’s social signals.  Several tools and programs such as Searchmetrics, SEMrush, Moz and provide both onpage and offpage optimization. ahrefs is one provider with several specialized offpage applications.


Offpage optimization is concerned with building quality links. Social signals and building a strong brand also contribute in the ranking of a website on search engines. It is therefore advisable to focus on top quality content, strong customer loyalty, good usability and better social signals in order to get more backlinks

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