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Operable walls are partitions which help in dividing a room creating smaller spaces or expand to a wide open area. It increases the scope of using up the maximum space in any establishment. The elasticity of these walls is such that a lot can be benefited from it. It is commendable for hotels, restaurants, cafes, schools, universities, training areas etc.

Partition walls are also cost-effective in a way that, unlike drywall construction they take lesser amounts of time for its configuration and also consume less money. Whenever there is a requirement for a quick change these walls can be really helpful.


  • There is no construction required unlike the traditional methods of construction of walls
  • It can be put together very easily and in the nick of time
  • Floor construction is not mandatory
  • It can easily unify with any room aesthetics because it is available in wide range of colours and designs
  • They can be moved using hinges from which they are suspended in case of movable walls

Operable walls can be of four kinds:

  • Moveable walls- They are portable walls which can be disassembled and transported easily to any new location for its set up. They are also called demountable walls or partitions.
  • Hinged partitions- They are long continuous panels which can either be folded or slided. It is constructed along a track which allows it to be positioned at the centre or on either sides.
  • Concertina partitions- It is the simplest among all the other kinds of moveable walls which allows the use of maximum space through a push opening to a wide area or a pull to create small spaces.
  • Glass partitions- They are made of glass and it usually divides a space separating two rooms or more. They can be efficiently used for both internal and external uses.

The adaptability of these walls are something which is worth mentioning. They can be found in huge range of designs and finishes so that they can suit to any interiors of any space like acoustic movable walls which does not require the construction of a floor, frameless glass operable wall which keeps hinge and floor installation as an option, motorized movable wall which can be controlled using remote, sliding folding partition which is the continuous hinged wall system, folding vinyl walls which is either constructed with the help of a floor or suspended, and vertical movable walls which folds back into the ceiling.

These walls are one of the most inimitable inventions and a great alternative to the tiresome work of the long and frustrating traditional drywall construction. It has not only helped in decreasing the consumption of time and money but also has made it easier for people to gain the most out of what they already have instead of worrying about how much they don’t.

So if you are too looking for a top quality solution then you can also go for these kinds of walls instead of choosing any other for your home or office to gain more benefits without spending hefty amounts for the same.

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