Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer?

According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, lawyers are present in “almost every aspect of society, of buying a house to cross the street.” We all have disputes or difficulties from time to time, but does that mean we need a lawyer to solve them? Try Alexander Begum law firm today. You can handle some legal claims on your own if they are relatively minor, such as car accidents or workplace injuries. Invalid Social Security disability applications can also be appealed without the assistance of a lawyer. However, you may have to make the decision to hire or not to hire a lawyer quickly and at the beginning of your case.

If you are discussing whether or not to seek help from a lawyer, you may not harm the lawyer. Many attorneys offer free consultations for personal injury, workers’ compensation or disability claims, and there is no obligation to make them represent you. Before you decide to handle your claim on your own, make sure you have all the information you need.

Accident and Injury Claims

Car accidents occur every day but are never considered “run of the mill” or “routine” by people involved in them. Smaller car accidents, including a small collision in a parking lot or a fender bender at the traffic light, can only result in property damage. If you and the others involved have not been hurt, these requests can be resolved by making a link to your insurance company and reporting the accident. Maintaining open communication with your own insurance company can help you get the maximum benefits that you are entitled to and quickly.

If medical treatment is inevitable after a car accident, you may need an attorney. It is very difficult and confusing to coordinate the different insurance policies that can cover your hospital bills, surgery costs, medical equipment, rehabilitation and continuous care of your wounds.

Workers Compensation

Injured at work? You may not need an attorney if the injury is not serious and you do not expect it to require prolonged care. In these situations, you want to think about the lasting impact of your injury. Did you have to go to the hospital? Will the injury cause you to lose the job? Can you return to the same occupation once it is cured? Twisting your ankle is very different from breaking your leg, so the decision to hire a lawyer depends on a lot on how your injury affects your life. Contact Alexander Begum law firm now.

If you think that your workers’ compensation claim can be dealt with without an attorney, you want to notify your employer of the injury. At that point, if they accept your claim as being covered, you must be referred to a doctor (approved by Workers’ Compensation) who can treat you for your injury. Additional benefits may be available, depending on your deterioration rating and the wages you lost if you had to lose work during recovery.

Social security deficiency

If you are injured and unable to work, the Social Security Administration can help you. You can apply for these benefits online at However, many people believe that their applications are denied and they have no choice but to appeal the decision. The first step in appealing your denied disability claim is to file a Reconsideration Request within 60 days after learning that your initial claim was denied. From there, you can present additional evidence to show the Social Security Administration that those benefits are needed. There are additional methods for appealing an invalidity claim if it is not approved at the reconsideration request stage.

A lawyer is your choice

Hiring an attorney is like hiring some other professional: you want to make sure that you have the best person for the job. You may want to talk to friends and family to get their recommendations for new contacts. However, consumers can find legal aid experienced online through sites like and Discuss a lawyer’s qualifications and experience with them before hiring them to help with such a personal affair. If you choose to hire a lawyer or not, there are options available to you in the course of your personal injury, workers’ compensation or Social Security disability claim.

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