How is Salesforce taking on Big Data head-on?


Salesforce brings all digital marketers across the world a unified platform that can serve all marketing purposes. It has been the #1 platform in CRM services for long. It is a complete online solution for all marketing needs. The new Lightning Platform offers all Salesforce users the fastest mobile way of accessing, managing and using customer information.

The three musketeers of Salesforce

Very recently, Salesforce has introduced some third party tools for developers. These are minimal, sophisticated and highly functional apps built on top of SalesforceDx. Einstein is Salesforce’s ace of spades. This AI can understand the “mood” of an interacting customer and store data accordingly in the live cloud.

Einstein Intent

The new, Einstein Intent tool from Salesforce will help users understand the intention of a customer’s action and reaction. This will make it much easier to manage and route leads. Even marketing a new product through an app across individual customer bases will become a walk in the park. This will also help customer care executives prioritize customer inquiries and complaints.

Einstein Sentiment

The Einstein Sentiment too, on the other hand, uses verified technology to understand the emotions and feelings of interacting users. According to Richard Socher, the Chief Data Scientist at Salesforce, “A complicated order of words like, ‘not satisfied’ can throw the system into a tizzy.” The program can pick up on words like “absolutely” and “satisfied” and completely miss out the “not.” This will create a round of logistic problems, which the Salesforce development team is yet to work on.

Einstein Object Detection

Einstein Object Detection is going to be the hottest marketing algorithm of the year. Developers can “train” the AI to recognize specific objects and certain details including numbers. This will be very helpful for those who are working in customer –based app development fields.

Why are these three algorithms necessary?

Einstein was about making Salesforce stronger, diverse and foolproof. These three new algorithms are going to be the pinnacle of digitized marketing. Over time, Salesforce has made their products more intelligent and intuitive.

Will they make using Salesforce easier?

These tools will want some talent and skill around machine learning. However, it will make the work easier for these large data managers who have a lot on the plates at the moment. Sentiment analysis and intent analysis will save individual customer analysis and give the company a gross yet accurate representation of their customer interactions and market response.


According to Socher, most of the work around Salesforce Dx has been at a theoretical level. 2017 will see the implication of these theories in real life. Most of the new algorithms can already pool data from your current databases and Salesforce CRM, for analysis. They will add a new dimension to big data analysis in record time.

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 Lucy Jones is a digital marketing expert. She has been working with to integrate big data analysis and real-world marketing for the last six years.

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