Different Plugins for Different kinds of Video Editors

A lot of video editors like experimenting on different FCPX plugins in order to make a unique video that is not cringe-worthy. With the many plugins available in the market today, some of them free, it is terribly hard blending these effects to create the perfect video that you want everybody to watch. Sometimes, you’ll need to try it one by one and make sure that it best fits the theme of your movie.

Many video editors sometimes can’t make up their mind on what effects to put on one scene especially if the scene transitions right away, but it’s only essential to make sure that these effects won’t contradict each other. Free final cut pro x plugins are available anywhere for free, but most plugins needs to be purchased first because of the quality of the product.

Here are the Best Plugins that might up your video editing style:

  1. TrackX by Coremelt- Masks are an editor’s best friend for quick compositing tasks. Final Cut Pro X has great mask tools, but they can only be tracked using keyframes. TrackX lets you create a mask with a variety of tools; then, with a simple mouse click, track TV and iPhone screens, road signs, people, or just about anything you want.
  2. SliceX by Coremelt- like TrackX, SliceX allows you to create and track shape masks for isolating color correction and effects in Final Cut Pro X. For instance, changing the color of a car or adding a supernatural glow to someone’s eyes. SliceX also includes an Object Remover. I use it to remove lens dirt from my underwater footage. You simply draw a mask around the object, track it, and then choose neighboring pixels to hide the imperfection.
  3. Arctic Whiteness- This is the definitive tools for managing libraries, media, and render files in Final Cut Pro X. See what media is stored where and quickly delete files you no longer need. This is about as indispensable a utility as you will find for Final Cut.
  4. Rampant Design Tools- A library of visual effects elements that you drag-and-drop directly onto your FCP X Timeline to create a range of effects. These include: fire, smoke, dust, snow, mattes, transitions and dozens more. At resolutions up to 4K.
  5. Neat Video- Most video today is recorded digitally. That being said, even the most expensive digital camera is going to create some level of noise and grain. Neat is a video effect that is applied by dropping it on your clip, opening up the UI, then clicking the “auto profile” button. Instantly the math behind the plugin goes to work and isolates the noise from subject detail.
  6. Motion VFX- A vast array of Motion and Final Cut Pro X templates, visual effects, titles and logos. Huge variety, stunning design, lots and lots of choices.
  7. NewBlue FX- NewBlueFX started on Windows, and about two years ago, migrated to the Mac in supporting both Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro. They sell transition and effects bundles which repair footage, as well as add titles, transitions and visual effects. But the REAL star of their show is an amazing titling package called Titler Pro 3.

These effects are some of the best that are being offered by different companies. Video editors say that these effects are worth it, you just need to find for the right scene on where to put the right effects.

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