Open the Doors of Love, Wealth and Prosperity: Valuable Tips for Decorating House According to Vaastu

A home is the most auspicious and loved space for every individual. There are so many things that we do in order to breathe beauty within our space. We invest our time, money, effort and love to build our home in a way which pleases us. Every single addition to space is done with utmost precision and thought. Right from purchasing a new table to revamping the curtains, every minute detail in the home lies close to our heart. This high level of attachment brings in the aura of positivity and happiness within a home’s vicinity. With the involvement of such high levels of emotions, it would be our biggest nightmare to let anything happen to the amazing space. The last thing which you’d like to do to this cheerfulness is to spoil it. Under no means do you wish to attract negative energies within the periphery of your space.

Generally, we believe that love, wealth and prosperity are bestowed by the Almighty and we hardly have any control over the same. What if I tell you that the way you place the paintings in your home can affect the levels of well-being of everyone living under the roof. Before you negate the thought entirely by ridiculing it, I request you to give a thought to the immense power held by the art of Vaastu Shastra. Entering into a space which showcases war scenes and images of women and children sobbing will seldom bring any sigh of relief to you. Visual exposure to such images can alter your mental stability levels while reducing your happiness. This happens because of negative energy emitted by such pieces. Vaastu is a science of architecture which models out the different ways in which things should be placed for maximum positive impact. Keeping the principles of Vaastu in mind before purchasing paintings can be helpful in keeping negativities at bay while creating a favourable environment for positivity to flourish. Here are some tips that will surely help you in getting rid of all the pessimisms and fostering enthusiasm in your home.

  • Religious paintings are your best bet:
    Right from the portraits of Lord Ganesha to the beautiful Radha Krishna paintings, artworks embodying the beauty of deities are always prosperous for your home. These paintings are considered to be extremely auspicious and are supposed to bring prosperity in the place where they are kept. Placing them in the kitchen and puja room will surely bless the house while attracting the right kind of energy. Avoid hanging religious artworks in the bedroom apart from Radha Krishna paintings. Their portrait in a couple’s bedroom is bound to deepen love while improving the relationship.
  • Paintings with water elements:
    Paintings of water or having elements of flowing water won’t be one of the safest best for bedrooms. However, hanging them in the living room can help bring in prosperity. Flowing water resembles change and due to this couples should refrain from placing them in their room.
  • Landscape paintings: For the love of nature
    Surely, landscape paintings are bound to bring in the element of nature which is considered lucky as per Vaastu. If the painting depicts high mountains, then it should be placed in the south-west direction. Beautiful posters and paintings depicting generic views of the nature should be placed in the northeast, east or north direction of the room.
  • Ensure success for the kids:
    Just like Radha Krishna paintings are more suitable for a love-struck couple, a portrait of the goddess of knowledge Saraswati will attract the right energy in the study room of kids. In addition to this, posters and paintings of flying birds will empower the children in dreaming big and achieving goals in life. These paintings act as a source of inspiration and motivate the little ones while steering them towards their goals.

Every painting has its own significance and so does every nook-and-corner of the house. It is of great importance to match the nature of painting with the characteristic of the place in order to get positive results. Standalone Ganesha and beautiful Krishna paintings are considered very auspicious and are known to bring prosperity while artworks showcasing sorrow and other negative emotions bring in the negative energy. One should always remember the significance of the painting in order to reap the maximum gains.

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