How to Improve the Visibility of Your Blog Built by Using WordPress

If you want to build a website for your company on your own but do not have adequate knowledge about programs like CS3 or HTML, then you can take the help of WordPress. This easy-to-use plug and play program gives you a virtually unlimited variation to make your website look trendy and unique. The most important thing about this web designing programme is that you need not be an expert in program coding to operate it. Any layperson with the help of WordPress can build a professional looking website very quickly and effortlessly.

However, building a cool looking website is only one part of the job of digital marketing. You have to regularly put new and fresh content to make the website more interesting for the viewers and also improve upon the SEO techniques so that it becomes more visible in any search engine results. For this, you can either take the help of a top search engine optimization agency in India or do it on your own.

Here we are giving you some pointers about the latest SEO techniques that professional search engine optimization agency in India adopts to gain more viewership. You could use some of these to get your website higher ranking.

1). You can make use of the ‘discourage indexing feature by the search engines’ integrated into the WordPress menu until you are ready with the final product. Because if you have not deleted the ‘hello world’ WordPress post while building a website, it may show error 404 of not found whenever someone tries to search for it on the Internet.

2). It is important that the search engine bots can access every page link of your website. To make this process as smooth as possible, you can use the .xml site map. A search engine crawler always looks at the navigational aspect of a website very carefully to give it a better ranking and the .xml site map help the crawler to look into every nook and corner of your website.

3). If you are new to the experience of designing a website and find the information regarding building and maintaining the website and its SEO techniques overwhelming, then you can use a good SEO plugin. A good SEO plugin looks for a multitude of SEO features in your website and provides them if it finds them missing or inadequate. This one step solution is a big relief to any newcomer who wants to build his or her own website.

4). Slow loading of a website not only irritates a user it also affects the ranking of your website. Therefore, you should make use of caching plugins to your blog site. A caching plugin work in two ways to make your website better. On the one hand, it makes the site load faster and secondly browsing speed through the various content of the website also improves dramatically.

5). You can also take the help of one of the several plugins available on the Internet that search engine optimization agency in India use to stop spams overwhelming your feedback system. Spams not only irritate genuine users but also has the capacity to give your website a bad name by posting bad review or comments about your products.

6). Content is considered as the king of any website. It is necessary for you to keep posting new contents as well as updating older ones. When you post a new content make sure that it is linked with the older contents that share the same topic. This will help in improving the ranking of your website.


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