10 DIY Tricks To Make A Beautiful Flower Arrangement

Flowers with its simplicity and beautiful fragrance can enhance the look of any occasion. Even if you place a small bouquet of flowers in a vase and keep it in a room, it will add bright up your entire house with its wonderful aroma. Yes, keeping a beautiful flower arrangement at home not only make your house look beautiful but it refreshes your mind and delight your mood too. Arranging flowers for a house is not any rocket science but in fact is an art that you can do it yourself. Yes, you can make your own flower arrangement like a pro with just a few tips. This article brings you some tricks to make your flower arrangement a success. Have a read.

  1. To start with flower arrangement, add a floral preservative in water and put your flowers in the water as soon as you bring them home from a florist. This will prevent bacteria and keep your flowers healthy.
  1. If you have got roses for your flower arrangement, then keep them in warm water for at least one day because warm water will help in keeping the rose flower heads compact.
  1. Trim the stems of the flowers by once inch with a knife and remove the leaves to make your flower arrangement last longer.
  1. If you have brought flowers having thorns then put on your garden gloves and remove them with the help of a clipper.
  1. Although you can go for an antique or a fancy vase but to make your flower arrangement look more creative, use recycled bottles or containers. You can cut a bottle or a container in the shape of a vase and then color it from outside to design a beautiful handmade vase.
  1. Always put pebbles in the vase or a container to make your flower arrangement stable and tidy.
  1. Now, start making your flower arrangement by placing the large flowers at the center surrounded with the small flowers. You can also put big leaves to make your flower arrangement more beautiful.
  2. Water your flower arrangement on a daily basis to keep it fresh and to make it last for a week. Also, don’t forget to change the water of the jar or a vase on a regular basis.
  1. You can also use florist’s foam to prevent your flower arrangement from dehydration.
  1. Last, but the most important tip is to keep your flower arrangement away from the direct sunlight. Place them in a cool and dry area.

So, these were some of the basic tricks to create a flower arrangement by yourself. All you need to do is to shop freshly picked flowers from florists and if you are looking for a wide variety of flowers, then online florists shops are the best. Suppose, you live in Pune, just browse through some of the best online florist shop in Kolkata. Then, read the reviews and select the best online florist delivery in your town to get your desired flowers. Once you get your flowers delivered to your home, follow this hacks to make a beautiful flower arrangement all on your own.

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