9 useful tips to enjoy the train journey

It could be that the person is planning to travel with his family to some popular destination during the holidays. In order to make the most from the journey and to ensure that it is satisfying, safe and exciting, he has to undertake certain precautions. There can arise many hiccups and issues during the journey, which can be trivial or significant in nature. But following the below mentioned tips can help the person to enjoy his journey with spouse and children.

Some tips to follow to derive exciting and pleasurable train journey

  • It is necessary to ensure leaving the home or hotel much in advance to be at the railway station much before the departure of the train. If travelling with family, then the person should reach at least 40 minutes before, so that he can have ample time to check the coach and the seat number that has been allotted to him. This way, he does not have to run around and can smartly get his seat.
  • If the person prefers hygienic, well cooked food, then he can have it prepared and taken from his home. Otherwise, it will be useful to go for Online Food Order in Train from one of the reputed sites. He should always avoid hawkers selling their wares at the stations, since such food might be unhygienic and even adulterated, causing sickness to those who consume it.
  • When travelling with children, pregnant women and seniors as well as those who are sick, it will be wise to carry along medicines of all types. It should include for controlling loose motions, headache, fever, cough, running nose and the like. Those who are already under medication should remember to take their medical equipment kit and medicines along without fail.
  • It will be a smart decision to avoid loose water available at the stations. The person can carry water from his home or buy branded mineral water only from the authorized vendors.
  • If luggage is heavy and needs to be carried from the roadside to the platform where the train is to be boarded, then it will be wise to book a trolley from the station master or get a “coolie” to get the luggage moved. Knowing the rates charged for moving the luggage will help to avoid future hassles.
  • Oily fatty foods should be avoided during the long journey, as the stomach due to constant shaking of the train may create bowel problems. Milk products, yogurt are better not consumed, to be safe.
  • Bags and baggage carried along are to be carefully kept and locked with a chain and good lock. This will help them from not getting stolen.
  • One should avoid taking free food of any type offered by the other unknown passengers. Who knows, since danger might lurk in any form!
  • Carrying less cash will be wise. The traveler should carry his debit/credit card along since there are ATMs, everywhere in the country including every major railway stations to encash money. This is to remain safe.

Following the above can help the traveler to enjoy his journey and not have to bother about anything else.

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