Driveway Alarm – How It Works and Its Benefits

In this world, unexpected events can happen at any time, so you need to be safe and secure. Protecting you and your family from crimes such as abduction, and robbery, installing a security device is necessary. Even though having much precaution activities, it is unavoidable to face these critical situations. Many security devices now available in the market, among them driveway alarm have become the norm now. This is because of its efficiency in detecting and alerting the homeowners of any vehicles or intruder on their property.

What is a driveway alarm?

Driveway alarm is one of the great products of the EZ CyberQuest Inc. It recognizes motion and used to beef up home security. This is a wireless electronic device and serves the purpose of notifying you whenever a movement on your driveway.

Some kind of alarm designed to detect animals, people, vehicle, or sometimes all three. Safety is one of the biggest advantages of this device. It will be instantly notified you when there is an unexpected visitors pulls on your driveway or trying to trespass on your home.

However, not all the homeowners are benefited from having a driveway alarm system. If you have two to six cars driveway, then you can view from the house and no need to check all the incoming traffic constantly.

This device is very useful to people with small driveways or long driveways, which are not visible from inside the home. The driveway alarms fall into two different categories such as wireless or hard wired and detection type.

Driveway alarm – how it works:

This device has two components such as transmitter and receiver. The transmitter runs on batteries, and it is placed at the entrance. The receiver kept in your home and plugged into the electrical outlet.

Based on the brand and model you purchase, the receiver comes with the wireless options. Whenever the transmitter identifies a moving object, it will automatically send a signal to the receiver. In turn, it will notify you either by LED lighting, sound, or both.

There are many sensors used in the devices such as infrared, magnetic probe, rubber house, and photo beam driveway sensors. This device includes the latest technology and comes with different features, which make it easy to detect objects or people.

Benefits of installing driveway alarm:

As said already, the device is of two types, and both offer many benefits based on your individual requirements for safety. This alerts you whenever an intruder or anything crosses your premises. In such cases, if you do not want to be alerted about all living passes by your property, you can simply install the vehicle detector to warn you of any vehicles arriving in your driveway.

This device is easy to install, and the wireless system lacks any cables, so it needs the simplest installation. Using the batteries and screwdrivers, you can do it yourself that means no need to hire a pro. Not only easy to install but also the least expensive alarm device everyone must possess.

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