Popular Punjabi Food Ideas

The best part of Punjabi food is definitely variety. Non-Veg food lovers will never have enough of all-time favourite items like Bhuna Ghost, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, and various other dishes. Vegetarian food in Punjab is also equally delightful. Items like CholeBhature, CholeKulche, and SarsonKa Sag are few of the mouth-watering dishes. One can never have enough of these food items.

Punjab is actually a home of Non-Veg food, and its dahi chicken recipe is worth dying for. Despite there are five rivers, you will rarely find seafood on their menu. However, fish is an exception. Popular fish items include Fish Kebabs, MachhKeSooley, Amritsari Machchi, etc.

Best classics Punjabi recipes straight from the Punjabi Kitchen are mentioned below:

  1. Butter Chicken: Chicken may be referred as national bird there, but butter chicken is certainly the crowning jewel food of Punjab. No family gathering or party can be complete without serving this delicacy. This creamy gravy item is paired with rumaali roti or naan.
  2. RajmaChawal: This is like a staple food in Punjab. It is originally a Kashmiri dish but is an all-time favorite food item in Punjab. To enhance the taste, it is served with onions and pickles. To give it a nice crunch you can also add crushed papad.
  3. Yogurt Chicken: Recipe of Dahi Chicken is translated as Yogurt Chicken. This is one of the best spicy chicken dish and different from the usual chicken curries, and yogurt is used as the main marinating base in this dish.
  4. PaneerTikka: This dish is often referred as the chicken tikka of the vegetarians. PaneerTikka holds a very special place in Punjabi food. No Punjabi menu can be completed without incorporating this item. Arguably one of the best vegetarian starters.
  5. Dal Makhni: If there were one dal which rules them all, then it would have definitely been the delicious Punjabi Dal makhani. This dish is worth serving in any royal court. Conventionally, it is cooked for two-three hours on low flame to get it thick, and then it is topped with a lot of butter. One can have it directly or even pair it up with Roti or Naan.
  6. SarsonKaSaag: This is like the most stereotyped Punjabi dish. This is actually a favourite winter item, and this dish is one of the main reasons why people in Punjab actually wait for winters. To make it healthier people add spinach with a dollop of desi ghee. This saag is incomplete if it isn’t paired with Makke Ki Roti.
  7. Lassi: Lassi is like a pride of Punjab. Lassi is a sweet drink, and to make it rich, a dollop of butter and cream is poured in. It can also be served salty as well. To beat the summer heat, many flavours like strawberry, rose, and mango are also added.

Punjabi people are passionate to cook everything in butter and ghee. It is safe to say that Punjab is synonymous with food.

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