Geometry Extended: Surface Areas and Volumes

Math is an integral part of life. Whether a person wants to buy groceries become an Engineer or pursue higher studies in Science, it is crucial that the basics are understood properly, and a good foundation is built.

Out of the numerous topics under Math, one of the most crucial and very interesting topics is that of surface areas and volumes class 10 CBSE. It is an extension of geometry and is extremely useful in many subjects further on, such as physics and in the study of mechanics.

The study of surface areas deals with concepts such as length, breadth, and perimeter. It builds on this by addressing how different shapes have different areas for similar critical dimensions. For example, a circle with a radius equal to ‘a’ covers more area than a square with a distance of ‘a’ from its centre to a corner. This gives great understanding on how to design a surface for different purposes.

Volumes are an adjunct to surface areas. Uniform volumes can be thought of as the projection of surface areas in space. In the case of structured, non-uniform volumes, it can be decomposed into several surface areas that are projected into space. This concept of visualizing volumes is highly beneficial for a good understanding of the topic and also to solve problems quickly in hardly any time.

Solving math problems regularly is very helpful. It develops practice and increases the speed at which a problem can be solved. It creates a familiarity which is indispensable when it comes to the actual final exam. One of the best resources for study material is the CBSE NCERT class 10 text book. Surface areas and volumes come under the chapter 12. In this day and age, with the ease of access to the internet, it is also effortless to get help with these problems. If the student gets stuck at any point, all he has to do is download the NCERT solutions for class 10 maths chapter 12. The answers are explained in a clear and concise manner, providing maximum understanding to the student. This ensures that the parent doesn’t have to spend extravagant amounts on a tuition teacher to tutor the student after school hours. The online NCERT solutions would be sufficient for all the student’s needs. This reduces the pressure on the student also and lets him relax a bit after a tiring day at school.

Surface areas and volumes are extremely necessary if the student wants to study mechanical engineering or aeronautical engineering. It forms the root of a lot of the concepts that will be covered at those higher levels. Even at the 11th and 12th standard level, all of calculus,i.e., integration and differentiation are based on the understanding of what area is and how points can be joined to create a line, lines can be joined to create an area and areas can be merged to create a volume.

There is no need to fret, however, because there are the online NCERT solutions that are a godsend for all students of class 10.

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