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Are you new in online business or you are an old player? No matter whom you are, if you are going to run a business that means you need a logo.


Because, your logo is one of the most important things that a business must have from day one.

Why it is necessary to have a logo from day one?

The key to growing your brand awareness is to make sure you are recognizable. When people around the world know of your company, your business becomes a brand.

Now, how would you think people would conjure up an idea about your business?

You may think it’s your name, but that’s not as concise or memorable.

That is why every business has its own logo. A logo is always the most beautiful and attractive thing that a business has, and the quickest way to communicate.

Most businesses use a symbol, alphabets or icons to create logo with the proper color theme and style. When you use your logo on your products, you make it easy for people to find out about the brand.

If you are ready to invest in logo designing, then you can hire a freelancer or professional designing company, but this can cost you somewhere between $100 to $10k.

But what if you are newbie and cannot afford to invest that much in logo design? In that case, you have to create your own logo using free online logo making tools.

Today I am going to share with you the most popular brand in logo making, called “LogoJoy”.

What is LogoJoy?

Logojoy iscurrently the most popular logo making tool available online. There are many things that make Logojoy the no 1 logo maker. It allows you to completely customize logo according to your own needs. You can design a fully featured logo using various combinations such as font colors, text sizes, use inspirations and add icons.

You can not only create a free logo using logojoy’s free logo making tool but you can also use their premium logo making options to get a perfectly designed professional logo.

There are 3 options to choose from:

Now let’s learn how to create the perfect logo.

  • Open Logojoy.com
  • To start creating your logo, enter the name your want to use for your company and click on
    “make your logo”.
  • On the next page select 5 designs that inspire you, and click on continue.
  • Now select a color theme for your logo:
  • Now type your company slogan (if you want) or leave it blank
  • Select images from a huge library
  • Signup with email or via your social networks
  • View your logos from the dashboard, and if you want to see more options, you can see more as long as you like.

Your logo is now ready. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask me via the comments.

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