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An intelligent internet developer once said that a website markets you 24 hours and no worker can really do that for a company. A website stay online for a 24 hour period,  7 days a week. Marketing your company through your website is something that will improve the chance  of generating more leads and hits on page.

What are the top ways top market your company through your website?

1.Daily Blogs. Create a blog for your website. One of the top CMS softwares is wordpress. This open source code is known for its flexibility when it comes to customization. WordPress has really improved their plugin library these past 3 years and increased it to a thousands range. There is a plugin for almost anything in wordpress. For blogging the top plugins are optimization. Optimization plugins guide writers to optimize their post with the write titles, h tags, keywords, and categories before they publish a specific blog. Writing new and unique content is one of the best ways to market your company through your website. Chances are, that every blog post you create will be indexed on the top search engines and this will allow web users who want to know information about something that you wrote, search the web, and then read your blog. Blogging is a great way to improve visitor views on a page and promote a website.

2.Ad Space. If you aren’t using Adsense or any other third party ad program, you can leave an add space for something you want to market on your website. This ad replacement technique is a great marketing method. Placing your website ad in the right portion or the top portion of the website is a great location to make your ad seen by web visitors.

3.One Page Showcase. The one page design is an amazing layout selection. This layout provides a full showcase of what company has to offer. This design is known to promote a business online fantastically. Some great designs with the one page web design are quartzes backgrounds, light colors, and motion animations. Always make sure that if using motion animations, they work on new and old browser versions.

4.Pick Up Subscribers. Add a mail listing to attract all your web visitors to subscribe. A well designed subscription box is almost like a luring magnet that captures web visitors and allows them to willingly sign up for more website feed. A pop up subscriber box is a great design trick that web visitors love to see.

5.Social Conversion. Running an active social media campaign with a high conversion rate can always be a great way to promote your company. Social media fans that click on your website will be most likely to interact even further once landed on page. Social media conversion will increase by an active campaign that is posting fresh content on a daily basis.

A website is the best place to market your business online for free. A great web design will be complimentary to your brand and increase its visual appeal. A fuller website containing a blog and social media activity, will seem much more widespread on the web. Use the above ways to understand how to market your company through your website.

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