Guide to find the best ICSE School in Gurgaon

While talking about nice places in Gurgaon, you can look forward for Palam Vihar. This area is amazing in so many ways as locality here is completely safe and secure. The environment is peaceful and you can live here in a very secure manner. Palam vihar always remains a very plausible way for enjoying your life.

Reviews about the locality are quite positive therefore enjoy living here. If you seek for best ICSE schools in Gurgaon, then check out this list below.

Following are the best schools in the city:

  1. Maurya school

This school is one of the best in Gurgaon having all sorts of facilities you seek for. Educational facilities are simple outstanding which makes sure your kid is getting proper education. Located in this posh area, you will find the school up to the mark.

  1. Red roses public school

This is a public school having all sorts of facilities you seek for. In the recent times, this school has gained major prominence owing to many reasons. This school ensures your child gets best facilities in every way.

  1. DPSG PV F Block

DPs being one of the most competitive schools is simple the best bet. In the initial days, this school delivered the relevant results. For this reason, many parents are willing to secure admission for their kids in DPS.

  1. GEMS international school

Being an international school, you can find all the reasons for getting your child to study in this school. All the facilities are also of world class level so you will appreciate the educational standards of this school.

  1. Aagman Play school

This school is one of the best when looking for ICSE stream. Located in Palam area of Gurgaon, you can find all the facilities you seek for. This school is known for the world class education being offered.

  1. Tree house playgroup nursery and daycare

Offers twin facilities of school and day care, there is no compromise on standards. While looking for the best day care facilities, you can surely find some major reasons to get your kid educated from here.

  1. New Cambridge public school

If you are trying hard to find a school which lets your kid get the ample education then this one is simply the best. This school offers all sorts of facilities which are tough to find elsewhere. Pre-examination prep remains the most focused upon, so this one is indeed promising.

  1. Presidium school palam vihar

Located in Krishna chowk in palam vihar, you will find this school really amazing in multiple ways. This school is best in education so educating your kid here is best investment.

  1. Government primary school Palam Vihar school

In the league of government schools, this one offers all sorts of facilities you desire. The primary focus of this school lies upon enhancing the education of kids in a way like never before.

  1. Rainbow Kidz pre-school

Pre-schooling has taken a new flight with one of the best in line. This school maintains the quality of education so that the student gets best returns of time invested here.

New ICSE schools in Gurgaon are promising, though some of these are old yet they fulfill the education standards.

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