Why Should You Add Hadoop Skills to Your Repertoire?

Trends are the most potent defining factor in a lot of things regarding the technological industry. So it seems until you enter the industry and realize that what matters the most is what gets the job done. If you are reading this you must also have read write-ups that say that investing your time and money on Hadoop can be a waste because somewhere in the world a better technology has taken over and the market for Hadoop is going to crash real fast.

Well, even if you by any chance believe that Hadoop might run aground in five years, you should still go for it because it is what is getting the job done for hundreds of enterprises; more importantly it gets you a job and a pay hike.

The forecast

The Hadoop market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 58%. There is hardly any other software suit that can boast this kind of a forecast. If this be true the market will grow to surpass $16 billion by 2020. The reason behind this sort of a forecast is the fact that a lot of companies are still coming forward to integrate Hadoop in their system. And why not? Hadoop gives the best analytics functionalities at the most reasonable cost.

HDFS is still state of the art

Hadoop Distributed File System or HDFS changed the big data Industry forever. It facilitated the small and mid-sized enterprises to integrate big data successfully without blasting their budgets. This system basically lets you store and access data through distributed computing and the storage space is easily expandable.

With the arrival of cloud storage HDFS might have taken a blow but it is still the tool of choice for most.

Arrival of Spark

According to a popular argument Spark is eating up Hadoop’s market while the truth is it works beautifully as a complementary tool to Hadoop. It is famous for its processing speed but it works best on top of Hadoop. Learn both and you will be the man in demand.

Job market

Right now there are at least 2000 jobs in India, judging by a single job portal, which require Hadoop skills. There is always a nail biting contest among companies to pull the best Hadoop operators in. To be frank it is hard to find skilled Hadoop operators and they come at a steep price. This is mostly because of the rather difficult learning process. You can avail the state of the art Hadoop training in Bangalore. It is a stepping stone into big data industry. With the right set of skills you can always make it big in here.

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