4 Vital Tips to Keep Bandages Dry While Showering

Bandages are something without which it is very difficult to contemplate our day-to-day lifestyle. They are the ones that offer protection to our wounds and injuries and help them to heal. Today, bandages, especially adhesive and compression ones, like velfour bandage, are necessary not only for athletes and for those into sports, but they have also become a necessary household item for almost everyone.

You need the bandages for yourself, your kids as well as for any guests. Bandages are required in case of dressing wounds as well as to relieve pain. But whenever you try to shower wearing a bandage, it becomes a challenge. Even before you take the shower you will know that you will have to redress with a clean and dry one later on.

But if your doctor has asked you to keep the dressing dry then how will you be able to do that? The soggy surgical dressings are difficult to keep dry. If you are using bandages, then the next step is to think how you will be able to keep them dry. Well, here are some ways of keeping the bandage dry. Just have a look at the following.

  • Think about Putting a Plastic Bag on – By placing the dressing into a plastic bag you can ensure that your bandage does not get wet. You should ensure that there are no holes in the plastic. You can put your arm or leg inside the plastic through the opening. You can use duct tape as a strong adhesive for securing the portion and prevent the leaks. You can also use a rubber glove to cover a bandage that is secured with duct tape.
  • Purchase a Proper Covering of the Bandage – A shower bandage cover will be the right choice and will turn out to be a good investment if you are going to get dressed for a long time. If you do not want to invest that much then you can use the shower sleeve to protect your dressing while under the shower. This one is inexpensive and you can rest assured that your dressing won’t get wet once you wear it.
  • Go for a Plastic Wrap – In case the dressing placement is such that you won’t be able to use a plastic bag then you may go for a plastic wrap. You may ask someone in your family or a friend to wrap the dressing with plastic. You should be careful to see whether the edges are wrapped or not. You must also be certain to wrap up a bigger area than the bandage to ensure that it does not get wet.
  • Go for a Sponge Bath – If you think that it is too difficult to keep your dressing dry then you may have to devise another way to get yourself cleaned. If the position of your dressing is suitable then you can sit in the bathtub with the dressed portion out of the water. In case of a shower, too, you can quickly let the water wet the other parts of the body while keeping the injured part out. Though it may be a bit uncomfortable at first but it will help you to keep the dressing dry while you are getting a shower.

The above are some of the ways by which you can keep your bandages and dressings dry. Since you should always use quality products from reputed brands like Velfour that offer effective protection to your injury, you should also ensure to take the best possible care so that your bandage can work in the desired way and heal your wound soon.

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