The UCAS Clearing Process and How It Affects You

The clearing process can be an anxious time for prospective students. The months of July through to October are stressful enough with the A level results period in full swing – the clearing process adds to that as you’ll find out exactly which University you’re going to find yourself attending.

As stressful as it might be, you’re going to have to keep calm as even if you don’t quite obtain the results you needed, all is not lost. Here we’ll run through the process in detail which will hopefully put you at ease.

Who Is the Clearing Process For?

The clearing process is predominately for students who didn’t obtain the results they needed as well as those students who failed to receive any conditional offers during the application process. In addition, the process also helps those students who:

  • Made their University applications late, past the deadline of the end of June. These students will automatically be entered into the clearing process.
  • A student whose original choice of University and course has changed. This will also apply to those who have been given a different start date or whose chosen course is no longer available.
  • Any student who received an offer but didn’t accept it.

What Should I Do?

When results day rolls around, check your results. If they’re lower than expected, check your UCAS account to see whether you have been made an offer anyway. If you have, great, you won’t need to go through clearing. If you don’t have an offer, you will need to check if you are eligible for UCAS clearing through the online portal. There should be a little button visible somewhere in your account.

Making an Application

You will now need to decide which of the Universities available to you, you would like to attend. Now is not the time to make any rash decisions.

You need to remember exactly which course you wanted to attend and make sure any University you apply to offers this course.

You will also need to make sure the University is in a location you’re comfortable with and you have made yourself aware of the course fees for that particular establishment.

The key here is being available. You will need to be within easy reach of a computer and your phone so that you can keep track of the whole process. You will likely need to pick up the phone yourself and speak to an adviser, if you’re lucky, they might just offer you a place on the spot.

Successfully Making It Through Clearing

Once you’ve made it through the other side, you’ll be free to enrol as required and embark upon your first semester. Make sure your A level results are on hand in case they need to be confirmed but your chosen University. Also keep an eye out for any mail related to your application. Universities communicate by post and by email these days so make sure you don’t miss anything important.

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