How Testing of Food Increases Your Customer Loyalty?

Food industry is consistently growing which also increases the need of food testing laboratories. It is broadly recognized that a quality management system is an effective instrument to upkeep existence and progress. There are various preventive systems available that mainly designed to guarantee that all food produced as per the FSSAI requirements in compliance with the Food Safety & Standards Regulations. The prime aim of these regulationsis to verifythat food products must be prepared according to FSSAI guidelines and free from unsafe elements like biological hazards, chemical hazards and physical hazards. Once the food lab approves your food product, you can further sell that product in the market with credibility and no fear.

One more point, if you are running your own hotel or catering company then you need to be more careful regarding the food quality as it not only buildsa brand value but it also booststhe customer loyalty. How can you confirm that you are serving the quality and safe food to your customers? First of all, always purchase raw material, milk & dairy supplies from licensed wholesalers, maintain hygiene standards as recommended in Schedule 4 of the FSS Act, 2006 and go for food and water examination for contaminants, chemicals, toxins etc. However, choose authorized food testing laboratories for food analysis.

As a business owner, having the understanding about the consumer’s requirements can help you to achieve goal in a more competent way. However, it’s difficult to satisfy customer but if you have valid prove – FSSAI License and food testing reportfrom an FSSAI notified lab and this would create a brand value and one can position a good reputation about the product in the mind of the customer.

Nowadays, people are more concerned regarding their diet and if you ensure about the quality of food, they will be your regular customers. Being a FBO, it’s your duty to serve the best food as that could affect the health of consumers. Always instruct your cook or serving people regarding the product & personal hygiene precautions mentioned in regulations.If you gain the trust of customers that whatever food you are serving is healthy and prepared as per the guidelines as per Food safety and regulatory standards, they will not only be satisfied but would also recommend your products to their friends, family and relatives contentedly.

Consumers are ready to shell-out more moneybut want assurance of good quality and genuine food products. All kind of hazards like chemical, environmental or microbiological should not be presented in the food. It can be only possible with testing by genuine and renowned food testing laboratories. They have expertise in testing raw materials, processed food as well as completed products. Even, they can also help you in developing novel products right from beginning to completed goods.

Through using the expertise of the experts working in the food testing laboratories one can test the food products for impurities like toxic substances, heavy metals, accurate fortification, insecticide remains, flavors etc. According to the sections 20 & 21, food products should not carry any sort of harmful contaminants & pesticides or their residual values should be underthe restricted limits.

So, it’s your responsibility to follow all the FSSAI guidelines as the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006 talks about the self regime.

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