Audi S5 : The truth in Engineering

Audi is well known for its advance and state of the art technology. It is said to be ahead of its competitors whenever we talk about technology and modern day advancements. What we know for sure is that Audi S5 certainly has the and delivers an amazing performance. It is pretty sleek and does not compromise with style. The super good looking coupe is making its way to the top with the big cars. The luxury coupe has undergone through changes over the past years. It has certainly become better than ever.

Audi is the manufacturer of one of the best affordable cars. Yet people can find it difficult to buy a car like this for themselves. People always face financial problems sometime or the other. This does not mean that you should give up your dream of buying this car completely. There is always a way. You can buy used Audi cars in Delhi anytime you want.

Audi S5 has passed a lot of tests. The company has put it through a track test as well. It got 5 stars for safety as well as for the comfort this car provides. It was designed by the engineers in a way to withstand the extreme climatic conditions. Audi engineers even made sure that the passengers remain safe in case of any event before and even after an accident. Stability system warns the driver when it senses the vehicle being over exerted than it is expected it to be. Extra features may also include blind-spot monitor, voice-controlled navigation system, rear parking sensors, rearview camera and even the standard front-impact airbags, side-impact airbags, knee airbags, and overhead airbags. It even detects every intrusion. No one can access this car without the key provided by the manufacturers. Thus, it helps preventing any sort of theft.

Even after all the harsh tests and condition it can withstand, it has appealing look sand road presence. Consumers are attracted to the style and looks of this car. One of the fun facts about this car is that it is available in form of convertible as well. Some of the trim features that you may like about this car are automatic xenon headlights, keyless entry, cruise control, heated auto-dimming mirrors, and a sunroof with 21 inch wheels. Apart from these features, Audi does not fail to amaze you. The technology is endless. It even includes tri-zone automatic climate control, universal garage door opener, driver seat memory functions, folding rear seats, and a 14-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system, Google Maps, MMI infotainment system, and Wifi as well to keep you well informed and comforted at all the moments. Doing business on the run got a new meaning with this car. Audi S5 is very useful for those who are always on the run. Audi definitely knows how to impress people. They know that technology is one of the ways to connect with people. It never fails to disappoint anyone ever.

Audi Approved :plus is an initiative which allows people to buy a pre owned Audi from the parent company itself. This is one of the features that has allowed Audi to increase its customer base rapidly. They can rely on it because they provide one of the best customer services. Being one of the automobile giants, Audi definitely lives upto its name and expectations. The certified and warrantied cars you buy will be like a brand new car.

Audi S5 is a powerful and super sporty car. It does not compromise on style, safety and comfort at all. If you ride down in one of the mean machines, you are definitely guaranteed to gain respect from everyone who sees you in it. So go ahead and get it booked now!

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