Logic behind Pasta Shapes

Italian food is known for its blend of flavors and use of olive oil. The pizza is undoubtedly the most popular dish. Pasta comes right on the heels of the pizza in terms of popularity. The pizza enjoys a global audience. The pasta is no less. If pizza is a favorite fast food in that sense, the pasta is no less a favorite for casual and classy occasions.

Pizza delivery has made Italian food a household name. One out of every ten people is introduced to Italian food through pizza. Some stop there. Some others explore the Italian cuisine further. There are some who just fall in love with Italian cuisine head over heels. I am one such person. In my humble opinion, this cuisine is one of the best that is available. In my exaggerated world view, Italian cuisine is one reason, there is happiness on earth! Well, atleast, that’s what I think! Naturally, the best thing I do in my rather monotonous life is to order Italian food at the drop of a hat.

Pizza delivery is my go to food option when I just don’t have the time to think through my food. But on a day when I have the luxury of time I indulge in varieties of pasta. My love for pasta extends beyond eating. Well, I am not yet at the point of making my own pasta but I already know a great deal about why there are so many shapes of pasta. This helps me order Italian food the right way. When you read further, you will see what I mean.

At the crux of the various shapes of the pasta is the knowledge of different kinds of sauces and accompaniments that go into making particular pasta. Italians view sauces as the key to the taste of a dish. They make a world of difference to the pasta. Some sauces are thick and the others are thin. So the right kind of shaped pasta will help one enjoy these sauces. Tomato based sauces are thin, whereas cheese based sauces are thick. Likewise oil and garlic based sauces are thin and meat based sauces are thick. It is important to know these subtle differences when you are ready to order Italian food. This little bit of knowledge enriches your eating experience.

Pasta shapes are mainly long, tube, soup pasta, stuffed pasta and special shaped pasta. The long pasta is generally spaghetti and angel hair, they hold thin sauces really well. Tube pasta like penne and macaroni are versatile. They can go with a lot of sauces and can be used in salads too. Soup pasta like orzo and alphabet, needless to say go well with soups. They are thick enough not to dissolve in hot soups. Special shaped pasta like farfalle and fusili hold thick sauces well. They also appeal children a lot. Stuffed pastas like ravioli and tortellini call for special dishes. They are used for exotic dishes. The stuffing can be vegetables, cheese, and meat.

Knowing your pasta makes eating Italian food, a lot more fun that just dialing for pizza delivery.

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