Job Opportunities for the Automobile Engineers

Automobile Engineer is the field of engineering, dealing with the detailed study of vehicles and its parts. It is an upcoming and challenging course available both in degree and diploma. There are many job opportunities available for automobile engineers both in government and the private sector which mainly deals with the manufacturing, designing, mechanics, repairing, servicing different types of automobiles including cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, etc.

Many students choose this course because it is in high demand having a bright future and it is a challenging job to present their own ideas.

Automobile engineering is the technology of applying mathematical and technical knowledge to design, manufacture, operate and develop new vehicles. There are many colleges with this specialization both in  diploma and regular course- B.Tech (degree) and followed by M.Tech (Post graduation). There are numbers of automobile engineering Industries in India, which provides training for fresh graduates, followed by the placements.

The different types of positions available in this career field are basically based on their specialization.

  1. Manufacturing Engineers: Aspirants should be quick enough in understanding the operation methods and show their involvement in productivity, testing the different machines. They are also responsible for the production of high-quality, economically competitive automobiles on time.
  2. Designing engineers: The main role of automobile engineers is to present different designs and types of automobiles in a very short period of time. They should also have a knowledge of computers, measurements, and geometry for designing a new model and should be good in their creative skills and team management.
  3. Developing engineers: Candidates should know how to develop the designs. This team is also responsible for testing the automobiles and certifying them.
  4. Mechanics and Repairing: The main role of automobile engineers is to understand the mechanisms of vehicles, such as internal parts of engines and they should also know about the workshop technology.

A career as an automobile engineer is mainly for those people who are more passionate about the cars and other motor vehicles. Hence they should be more innovative and dedicated to their work. A typical professional in this field should have a complete knowledge in engineering, including mechanical, combustion, fuel technology which is involved in the production of vehicles and other basic information about the speed, force, and velocity formula for developing vehicle speed in order to maintain and set distance in the car.

An Automobile engineer hold a wide variety of responsibilities in research, designing, planning and finally testing each and every component of an automobile to ensure it is able to function in a safe and secure manner.

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