4 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Christmas

November has come to an end and we are in the final month of 2017. And this only means one thing: CHRISTMAS IS COMING. With Christmas comes along the sense of winter, joy, and the responsibility of buying gifts for our friends and family. This is the time when the game of Secret Santa will be played all over on the internet, in offices, schools and colleges. And, you have to make sure you are at least a good Santa, if not a secret. To help you choose the best gifts, here are some meaningful Christmas gifts you can buy:

  1. Scented Candles

Scented candles are perhaps not as much appreciated as they should be. A small flame on the candle wick up livens up the whole room with its aroma. And when you have such sweet fragrance in the whole room, it is hard to feel bluesy. Even if you are feeling sad, just close your eyes and try to take in the fragrance; a smile will automatically come on your face. It’s difficult being sad when you have such a sweet fragrance all around you. Browse through a box of scented candles you think your Santee will like, and buy one for him/her.

  1. Book

Books are special as well as personal. Reading a book is not like watching a movie which you can do with your friends or family. A book is meant to be read by one person at a time, and all the bare emotions of a book just makes it all the more special for everyone. Reading a book is an experience only a reader knows and it is different for each person, even if they have read the same book. Browse through some of the recommendations and buy the best one. If you are a reader yourself, then perhaps a book you love the most. If you are not a reader, then perhaps go with a one you think is soul-consuming. If needed, take recommendations from the bookstore staff.

  1. Gift Basket

If there is one gift where the thumb rule of ‘less is more’ does not apply, then it’s a gift basket. Rather, a gift basket is designed with the idea ‘the more the merrier.’ The only difference is that ‘more’ here signifies more gifts, not people, because no one likes to share a gift basket. A gift basket filled with chocolates, cookies, and toffees will bring a smile on anyone’s face, even your Santee. Who doesn’t like eating chocolate, cookies, and toffees? They’re the best. So, buy the gift basket for your Santee which fits in your budget, and your Santee is sure to have a wide grin on his/her face.

  1. Writing a Poem

Just in case you want to keep it short and sweet, writing a poem is an option. If you know your Santee personally, take some time out and write a small poem for him/her. Of course, writing even a small poem will take up a lot of your time, but in the end, it will be worth it.

The process of buying Christmas gifts can be as difficult or as easy as you want to be. All you have to do is be true to yourself, and buy the gift which your heart thinks is the best.

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