How to Control and Manage Diabetes during the Holiday Season?

We know you are all decked up to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the fun and merriment it brings along. However, this can turn into a big challenge if you have to constantly keep a check on your glucose levels. Add to this the extreme weather conditions and both your diabetic diet and exercise plans go for a toss. Does this sound like an ideal celebrations setup? Well, not really. But we have got a fix for you this Christmas to help you rejoice in the season of joy.

So before the desserts, cakes and cookies tempt you into giving in, we will help you stay on track and yet not miss the fun and indulgence.

Enjoy, But Watch What You Eat

• Don’t skip meals in order to save the calorie intake for holiday dinner. When you eat healthy during the day, you won’t be starved during the dinner and hence eat moderately, thereby keeping an auto check on your calorie intake.
• When the treat is served in front of you, quick snacks like chips etc. seem tough to resist. Instead, wisely choose your appetisers and then the dishes to savour your favourites and at the same time not to compromise on your sugar level balance.
• Take a small plate and fill it with your preferred choice of food for diabetics, in controlled portion sizes. Managing diabetes also involve socializing to feel good among people and reduce the overall stress of the festive season. Hence, move away from the buffet table and interact with people.
• Avoid carrying on with the indulgence after the party by thinking, ‘Now that my blood sugar balance regime is already spoiled, I will continue enjoying sugar candies, chocolates etc.’
• You are likely to crave for sweets once the party is over. At such times, opting for low glycemic fruits is the best choice as they act as natural sweeteners.

Celebrate By Exercising

Now that you have treated your taste buds with wisely chosen diabetic diet, it is time to treat your body to a well-planned exercise regime. Exercise for diabetes is an important factor in diabetes care. But more important than starting your regime is to follow it regularly. Here’s how you can stick to it:

• Ward off stress and anxiety with a walk every day at for half an hour.
• Find reasons to take a stroll – in office, shopping or fetching groceries on foot.
• Spend as much time outdoors as possible as sunlight is known to lift your mood.
• Find friends or people in the neighbourhood who share common interests and make the exercise regime fun for all of you.
• Physical activity is a great way to kick start your day and hence ensure you don’t skip it.

Sail through the party season by keeping a close tab on your blood glucose levels by regularly monitoring using a handy smartphone based glucometer.

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