Know the Types of Psychometric test for Assessment

Psychometric a word derived from the Greek language which means the measurement for mental ability. Such type of test focuses on providing the best objectives that would measure the aspects of mental ability and personality. It is considered to be the best popular and effective form of testing which is used as a part of recruitment or selection process. Such type of test is specially designed to offer the employers with the most reliable option of selecting the suitable job applicants or the candidates who can be selected for the next round of interview.

What is Psychometric Test?

Such type of test is solely used for seldom which presents one of the best options that many employers’ uses at the time of selection. The regular process to select the candidate will still be the personal interview at last but there might be such type of test coming across before the person interview. The test includes the process to select the candidate who can balance the working environment which keeps on changing. Such type of test focuses on measuring the attributes such as personality, intelligence, aptitude and many more. Thus, it eventually offers the employer with a clear view on how the other people especially the clients would think of while working with such person.

Such type of test gives a clear perception on whether the person can handle the stress and cope with the intellectual demands which keep on adding up every now and then.

Types of psychometric tests:

This test is divided into two categories that is:

Ability Tests

This test measures the ability of the person to perform the different tasks

Personality Questionnaires- This test measures the way you do things and specially the way you speak with the people and coordinate with them to get the things done in a right manner.

Know more about Aptitude Tests

Aptitude test also known as the ability tests is specially designed for assessing the logical reasoning or even the thinking performance of the candidate. Such type of test comes with different choice of questions and is usually administered under the serve exam conditions.

It is further categorized into Verbal and Numeric ability. Verbal Ability includes the questions which test your ability to spell the words correctly by using correct grammar and understanding the analogies. Then comes the numeric ability which includes number sequences, basic arithmetic and simple mathematics.  Both the test plays a crucial role in terms of testing.

When looking for psychometric test providers in India, you need to understand that it is widely used by many companies. Such type of test is used by more than 80% of the fortune companies in USA and more than 75% of the times top companies. Such test is used by many employers in different sectors which include engineering, energy, banking, accountancy, consultancy and even the civil service to name a few. So make sure you inculcate the best possible option in terms of choosing the right candidate for the company after all it is one wise investment to be made.

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