Converting Video Formats Using Movavi Video Converter

Nowadays there are many different video formats that you’re likely to encounter, ranging from popular ones such as MP4, AVI and MKV to less popular alternatives such as WebM, OGG, and so on. As you’re probably aware compatibility can be an issue, especially on some devices where it is difficult to just download specialized media players for different formats.

To be able to ensure you’re always able to play the videos that you want, having a software like Movavi Video Converter can be a huge help. As you can guess it is able to convert video formats, and what makes it so useful is the fact that it will make it so easy to do that.

When you want to convert MKV to MP4, MOV to AVI, or any other formats – first launch Movavi Video Converter and add the video by dragging it into the main window. Alternatively click on the ‘Add Media’ button in the upper left side, then click ‘Add Video’ and select the file.

After you’ve added the video, the next step is to select the format that you want. To do that first open up the ‘Video’ tab in the lower section and find the category that you’re looking for. For example if you want to convert to MP4, look for the ‘MP4’ category and select it. Under each category you’ll see that Movavi Video Converter has several presets, each of which with a different resolution. Just select the one that you want to use, or choose the preset that uses the original resolution if that’s what you prefer.

Having set the format, you can click ‘Convert’ and start the conversion process. However before you do that you may want to use Movavi Video Converter to edit your video by adjusting the color settings, fixing the footage, transforming the frame and orientation, and so on. It is also possible to compress your video file size by clicking on the output file size and adjusting it.

All these additional features are entirely optional, and if you just want to convert the format of your videos you can ignore them. That being said they may come in handy at some point or other, so you should try them out. In fact you may also want to try converting videos to other media, to see how you can extract audio tracks, create animated GIFs, and save screenshots within Movavi Video Converter as well.

All in all there’s a lot that Movavi Video Converter can do, and all of its features are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Knowing how to convert video formats is a good start, and if you explore its features further you’ll get the hang of the rest of them in no time.

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