Safety Measures to follow while trekking the Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers has been popular for trekking. It is a splendid and a vibrant national park that is nestled in the West Himalayas in Uttarakhand. This beautiful and alluring place is known for its various types of floras and alpine flowers endemic meadows. This vastly diverse area has been home to endangered and rare types of animals, such as blue sheep, red fox, musk deer, brown bear, snow leopard, and black bear. The landscape here complements the mountain wilderness that is rugged of the Nanda Devi Park towards the east. Being together, they definitely encompass unique form of transition among the Great Himalayas and Zanskar mountain ranges.

This alluring range of valley or virtual paradise present on earth would have been unknown to the world if Frank Smith a Great Mountaineer hadn’t discovered it. It was discovered by Frank Smith in 1931 and in 1982 it was declared to be national park, which now falls under the World Heritage Site.

Safety Measures:

  • Before starting the trek, you are required to understand several implications that may take place upon your health and body due to high altitude. So be cautious with AMS a symptom which stands for Acute Mountain Sickness, such as nausea, general discomfort, and mild headache. The trek leaders are generally certified with handling such emergencies, so they can tackle any minor injuries, and for serious case will take you to nearest medical facility.

  • If any of such symptoms are experienced, then you are required to inform your trek leader firstly and then follow the instructions given. Usually, all the campsites do have a stretcher, oxygen cylinders, and first aid box that are fully equipped to address any of such circumstances.

  • In Himalayas,the weather is one thing that is unpredictable. Although the camp managers stay observant about any changing weather, yet still one can’t guarantee it to be sunny, rainy, or sudden snowfall. For this, you should be prepared with your essentials such as jacket, umbrella, comfortable shoes, etc. Your security is important so if there are any such circumstances, or sudden change in weather, then your camp leader knows how to tackle the situation and see whether it is possible or favourable to move ahead.

  • Communication devices do not work effectively in such areas, but there are walkie-talkies on which the campers rely on.

  • Do understand and do not undermine the decision of your trek leaders, as there guidance is always helpful because they are known with the weather conditions and have professional experience.

Legends have it that Hanuman had gone to this place to collect Sanjeevanibuti which was used to cure Lakshmana. This enchanting place has running streams, beautiful mountain backdrop, and floral pastures. The Valley of Flowers trek presents you with the glimpse of happiness with the picturesque scenery of Himalayan that you can explore in four to five days. As soon as you finish this trek, you will be found looking for more of such beautiful Himalayan adventures. To see this place’s true beauty, you should plan your trip around the time of monsoon that is during July-August, as this is time when the flowers blossom and bloom.

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