Be There or be Square: Squares are back on Trend

Over recent years we’ve been inundated with metro tile looks. From vintage to scandi and contemporary to industrial, metro tiles have well and truly taken over the tiling world. However, there’s a tile that is slowly making a beeline for the top spot, squares. The old classic, square tiles are set to make a huge comeback in the interiors world thanks to their timeless appeal and geometric design. So, what are some of the ways of using square tiles effectively in your home? 


Square tiles are perfect for creating any number of looks, including both dramatic and softer designs. In particular, square tiles create clean lines that work wonderfully when adding in a mixed colour palette. This makes block designs seamless and professional affording you the opportunity to work with many colours at once. Whether they be a simple white or beige or a daring black or red, square tiles are very forgiving and work well with any concept.


Theres no denying that patterns have become huge in interior design, taking the top spot away from neutral homes. Their variety of designs make them incredibly versatile offering both subtle and striking looks. One such trend to take advantage of this is the rustic and country kitchens. Square tiles in these themes means you can work with those whimsical farmhouse patterns for a welcoming and almost familiar atmosphere in a room. Don’t worry about these looking old-fashioned, pair with contemporary, modern accessories and furnitures and you will have a stunning current yet traditional aesthetic that works perfectly together.


You can’t get more classic than a black and white tile combination. Luckily, this is also experiencing a period of rejuvenation thanks to the interest in Victorian styled bathrooms. With these looks, you want to invest in a traditional bath with ornate feet and detailed fixtures and fittings. One major thing to consider with these looks are the bathroom floor tiles. Use black and white checkerboard styled tiles on your floors for that iconic look. These square tiles are very versatile and mean you can swap up the look of you bathroom using simply accessories rather than redecorating entirely.


It’s time to think smaller for a change, we’re talking about mosaics. These smaller square tiles are ideal for many different designs and themes. Most notably, Moroccan and Mediterranean inspired rooms. The detailed mosaic look is what gives them their unique texture and pattern. Mosaic tiles make excellent splashbacks in kitchens, acting as stunning feature pieces in a room. Similarly, mosaic tiles are perfect borders in bathrooms. Mach a mosaic border with a simpler, bigger square tile and you will have an ageless design that still has a little something about it.

If you’ve been thinking of redecorating your bathrooms or kitchen, now is the time. Square tiles never go out of style, so are ideal if you are thinking about the long-term implications of the design choices in your home.

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