PNR- A Brief Review

If you travel by train on regular basis, you are well aware of the term PNR. This is the 10 digit number that you get on the train tickets, got from the IRCTC. You can also go for PNR check online before traveling. Many of you are confused what the function of PNR number is and why do you need it. The fact is why the number is so important. To answer all your questions and to clarify all your confusion, here is a brief account of PNR number. Read on to know more.

What Is PNR?

It is the abbreviation of Passenger Name Record. Basically, and in the travel industry, the PNR is the record of the passengers that include their detail. It is saved as a database for each passenger on the computer database system. Actually, the format of PNR was first introduced by the airline’s service for the passengers, who needed flights of different airlines to reach their destination.

While talking about the PNR number of the Indian Railway, it is an exclusive pointer that records every detail of the people in the railway database. PNR number has the details of a passenger which includes-

  • Details of the passengers, like their name, age, sex, and birth preference.
  • Transaction/payment details, including payment mode, transaction ID and the charge of the tickets.
  • Ticket details which should include the number of the train, traveling date, boarding station and the arriving one, class, reservation, birth, quota, etc.

What Do the Digits Signify?

Basically, the PNR number of Indian Railways is a 10-digit number. The first 3 digits denote the PRS (Passenger Reservation System) from where the ticket has been booked. This depends on the zone of the train that is the starting station of your journey.

The last seven digits come from RND function, and they are randomly generated numbers. To make the PNR number unique, these numbers are generated. They don’t represent any information about the journey or ticket. You can check PNR number from the website or checking counters at every station.

Is PNR Number and the PNR Status Same?

No. Though people often confuse between these terms, the two are not same.

In computer reservation system, PNR number is the record of a passenger or a group while PNR status is the status of the booked ticket at the present moment. Checking your PNR status is now easy as you can do that from your mobile phone. What you need to do is to just type the 10-digit number you have on your train ticket and then send it to 9773300000. Remember, you don’t need to add any prefix, like +91 or 0. Thus, within a moment, you can get to know about your PNR status.

If your ticket hasn’t been confirmed yet, and you are on the waiting list, checking the PNR number status will tell you whether you are going to make the journey or not. Here you get a detailed account of PNR number and status. From now on, traveling by train will become a bit easier for you.

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