The Importance of Clean Linens for Your Restaurant

There are many industries that rely on clean linens not just to function and operate properly, but also to show customers that they are receiving a high level of service and care. Dirty linens can easily give people a negative impression about the business and make them second guess returning. There are few industries where this is as true as in the restaurant industry. From the kitchen to the tables, having clean linens is imperative, and since most restaurants do not have the manpower, time, or ability to launder their linens on a regular basis, it’s important that they hire a company that is able to clean the linens and have them quickly returned for the next service.

Keep the Kitchen Happy

Every restaurant owner knows how important it is to keep the kitchen staff happy while they are at work. Unhappy staff will not work as hard and will probably not produce the high quality food that guests expect. Because of this, diners may decide not to come back. The best way to keep a kitchen staff happy is to ensure that they have clean, fresh linens at all times.

One of the major uses of linens in the kitchen is for aprons. Dirty aprons don’t just look bad, they can smell bad and affect the quality of food that is made. Towels are also necessary in the kitchen and are used for a number of reasons – from wiping up spills and messes to drying off a plate before placing food on it. Dirty towels should never be used in a kitchen as they increase the risk of spreading germs and disease.

Impress Guests

Clean linens are imperative outside of the kitchen as well, as they will be one of the first things that guests see when they walk in the restaurant. A quality linen service will ensure that both tablecloths and napkins are clean and fresh at all times and will do their best to remove any stains that these linens have. Stained and smelly tablecloths will cause guests to leave, and nobody will want to wipe their face with a dirty napkin.

Get the Help You Need

Unless you have dedicated staff whose job it is to launder the linens that you dirty at your restaurant, chances are good that the staff you have hired will not have time to do this job during the day. Running a restaurant takes a lot of work and has a number of moving pieces, with each person required to complete their job carefully. Trying to have someone clean your linens in addition to regular work and duties will only result in the person being frustrated and the job not being done well.

One of the best things that you can do to ensure that guests enjoy their time at your restaurant and that you come across as clean and put together is to hire an outside company to complete your laundry service for you. This allows you to focus on running your restaurant, coming up with exciting new meals, and ensuring that everyone has a great time without having to worry about putting the linens in the dryer.

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