Some Prominent Chicken Preparations

Chicken has taken a prominent place in the heart of all non-vegetarians. You can make versatile preparations with this easily available ingredient. Some people prefer dry chicken preparations and some other like to try gravy chicken preparations. But, in every form, you will get a delicious and irresistible dish. Numerous cuisines are there in the world and most of them have their unique and own style of chicken preparations. It will be great if you take a look at some well-known and popular chicken dishes below:

Chicken Gravy: You can easily make chicken gravy recipe by following simple procedures. It tastes little sweet and little spicy. You can serve this scrumptious chicken gravy with ghee rice.

Tandoori Chicken: It is a world-famous recipe, originated from Mughlai cuisine. You can make this recipe to grill boneless fillets or drumsticks to prepare kababs. You can find out the recipe in which you can grill in the oven or on gas stove or stovetop. This delicious and mouth-watering chicken is prominent as tandoori murgh or murgh tandoor.

Murgh means chicken. Tandoor is a type of clay oven in which the yogurt and spice marinated chicken is grilled. Little variations are also there in authentic recipes. Chickpea flour or besan, etc. can be used to add aroma to this appetizer. It is performed mostly to the tangdi or tangrikabab implying the legs.

Chicken Korma: Korma is a very special gravy dish, usually prepared with nuts, spices, seeds, yogurt, vegetables, coconut, and meat. It is sourced from the Indian subcontinent in times of the Mughal era. It tastes delicious and creamy. You can serve this classic recipe with Jeera rice, steamed basmati rice, Indian bread, such as roti, Naan or paratha.

Butter Chicken: Indian butter chicken is known as Punjabi murghmakhani. This authentic dish has received immense popularity across the globe. It makes a great accompaniment with kulcha or naan. It is not very spicy and hot recipe like the classical South Indian chicken curry. Tandoori chicken or chunks of grilled chicken are cooked in a creamy, smooth, and buttery tomato based gravy.

Kolhapuri Chicken: You can easily prepare spicy chicken kolhapuri curry using fresh ground masala. You probably know that Kolhapuri cuisine is very famous for the flavourful and spicy foods. Some other popular dishes are veg kolhapuri, Kolhapuri misalpav, paneer kolhapuri, chicken and mutton kolhapuri are some of the well-known foods that can be discovered on restaurant menus.

Chicken Keema: Minced meat is popularly known as qeema or keema and it is used to make many preparations like paratha, curry, samosa, keema balls or cutlets. With the help of a simple recipe, you can prepare lamb keema, chicken keema or even egg keema. The tasty and soft chicken can make a great accompaniment with roti, chapathi or plain rice.

Andhra Chicken Curry: You can make simple-to-make Andhra style chicken curry gravy with systematic procedures. Andhra cuisine is very famous for spicy and hot foods and it is specifically prepared in Guntur region. Guntur is famous for its spicy and fiery hot foods.

You can learn various chicken recipes by following the internet resources.

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