Your Chance to Become a Pilot for a Day

The beauty of experience days is that there is usually something for all tastes and interests, whether you have the need for speed or prefer to take life at a slower pace. For those of you who like the idea of taking flight, providers and organisers of flight experiences are sure to be a winner.

For that reason, we’ve put together this handy guide, providing you with all that you need to know about making sure that you get the most out of your flight experience.

The Types of Package Available

Flight experiences are usually split into two groups; the first being actual flight in a real aircraft and the second being a range of flight simulators.

The experience that you should pick depends on your interests but do bear in mind that if you want to experience piloting an aircraft for yourself, the flight similar is going to be the better choice as you aren’t going to be able to take the controls of a real aircraft in flight.

From there, simply pick the type of aircraft that you feel you would have the most fun in. Most people often have an aircraft they idolise so that is usually a good starting point.

Flight Simulation Packages

Getting to grips with a flight simulator is going to provide you with the most accurate experience of flying a plane without having to obtain your pilots licence. There are several types of aircraft that you can choose to have a go in but by far and away the most popular is the fighter jet flight simulator, giving you the opportunity to relive your favourite moments from Top Gun. Alternatively, pretending that you’re an A380 captain for the day might be more to your tastes instead.

No matter where you are in the country, you should be able to find somewhere that is relatively close to you to enjoy your flight experience.

Helicopter Flying and Microlighting

For those who wish to spend a little time in the air, taking off in a real aircraft is your only choice. There is sure to be an aircraft that you would love to take to the skies in with common choices being;

  • Passenger in a helicopter, piloted by an expert who will take you through the controls, allowing you to gain an understanding of how such as aircraft works.
  • Passenger in a microlight, a type of small and lightweight aircraft that offers probably the purest experience of being in the sky.
  • A chance to experience flight in a vintage aircraft, perfect for all those who love the history of aircrafts.

As you can see, something for everyone. All you have to do is locate your nearest flight experience provider and choose from the range of experiences that they have to offer. We would suggest going straight to a third-party reseller as they usually have the largest selection of experience days at their disposal.

If you’re an aviation fanatic, we guarantee the experience of a lifetime.

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