How to assess the effectiveness of your Call Center?

Customer experience is nowadays deciding the fate of businessesinevery industry. The better customer service you offer, the enhanced sales figure is witnessed by your business. But, availing the best BPO service is in itself an onerous task. You don’t know where to go and there are so many parameters to check the effectiveness of a call center.

To ensure a seamless performance of a call center, the agents should be provided with exceptional training. While this step is done, the other question arises. How to assess if your efforts areactually giving the results that were expected?

Well don’t worry, this blog is going to give you a glimpse ofdifferent ways that help businesses finding the effectiveness of reliable BPO outsourcing companies. Various ways can be keeping a close check on the relevant metrics, setting industry standards, working on the positives, and eradicating the weak points. Let’s start:

Credible BPO sector standards

There exist a lot of call center industry benchmarks that are available in the market and on the web. It becomes really challenging to find out whichis theauthentic data out of so many available sources. A study by experts has suggested the following industry benchmarks:

  • In the comprehensive BPO sector, call center addresses 80% of calls within a time-frame of 20 seconds.
  • Approximately 5 to 8 percent of customers admitted abandoning the calls while waiting for a call center agent to attend.
  • The lifespan of inbound calls is around 4 minutes. The initial inbound calls tend to last much longer than the successive calls.
  • Taken as a whole, call center experts are known to offer thesolution to customers in the first call itself majority (75%) of the time.

Then again, each business and industry is so different from another one. If a business is experiencing longer call times, it does not mean that there is something wrong. In fact, the businesses with much-complicated products and services (B2B) tend to spend more time on call than others (B2C).

Assess the correct metrics

The most significant aspect of the traceable metrics is how perfectly you regulate your performance with your business’s bottom line. See how the business objective is tied to the customer requirements and how can you utilize those quantitative data to enhance the service you offer. To ensure a uniform enhancement, what you need is the identification of the correct metrics that can help you in examining the performance of BPO outsourcing companies.

Duration to attend the call

This key performance indicator or KPI tracks the time taken by an agent to pick the customer call. As simple as it sounds, this metric is known to offer a highlight of the overall performance of your call center. Do not mistake this metric with the one that assesses the performance of agents individually. The quicker your customer calls are attended, the efficacious and more effective your call center is.

Number of deserted calls

No business wantsits customers to hang up the call before a real conversation happens. A proficient business hence wants this KPI to be as low as possible. Similar to above metric, this performance indicator signifies the efficiency of your call center rather than the individual contribution of the agents. In case, where call center agents are burdened with alarge number of calls, the chance of a customer call getting abandoned becomes high.

What is the duration of each call?

As we have already said that the average duration of each customer call is around 4 minutes, but it can vary depending on kind of business you are in. Additionally, having short call time is not considered as a good sign. So, it becomes imperative to assess the call duration against the call effectiveness. A call with the longer duration that solves the customer issue is considered much better than the call with shorter time-frame.

The first call resolution

The standard benchmark is that around 70-75% of the customer issues are solved in the first call only. Now, you would never want to address the multiple calls fromthe same customer on the same issue. This metric indirectlymeasurestheagent’s performance on an individual level. The more proficient the call center agent is, the more swiftly the customer’s issue gets resolved. However, few times, this metric also relies on how the supervisor or other departments are responding.

Call transference

Customers do not like a bit when their calls are transferred from one agent to another. For a successful business, you may want to keep this metric score as low as possible. To some extent, this metric assesses an expert’s competence. Although if this metric is displaying the high score, other reasons can also account such as lousy training level of agents and so on. The more adept the agent gets with training, the more specific he/she becomes while transferring the customer calls.

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