Get To Know About The Direct Entry Stream

People can select the Direct Entry Stream for a program like Subclass 186 Visa. In fact, the Employer Nomination Scheme is a kind of PR visa, where any skilled worker can be selected by an Australian employer. When you want to apply for it, going through the visa requirements is all essential for a successful application process. The visa has 2 main steps that include a nomination by an employer in the Australia and also an application process by the skilled worker. Applicants who do not belong to the Australia can apply for this type of visa.

So, you can take the help of the Australia direct entry stream visa services from a professional company. There are lots of companies online, which tell you about a wide range of visa programs and help you in choosing a right one that meets your educational or other backgrounds.

About the Direct Entry Stream

Subclass 186 offers three different streams. Direct Entry Stream is one of them. If you want to check whether or not you are eligible to apply for it, you can use the services of the travel companies. The requirements are mentioned below:

  • You will need a nomination from an Australian employer.
  • It is also important to meet the qualifications, skills requirements of that specific position, and English language.
  • The age criteria should be below 45 years.
  • There are some other particular requirements that need to be fulfilled for applying to the Direct Entry Stream.

If you meet all the requirements, then you will be able to have a residency in the Australia. For that, you need to invest AUD 3670 to complete the process. Applications under the category take about eight months to process in most of the cases like 75%. 90% of the cases are completed within 10 months as a processing time period.

Who can apply for?

This category is made for different people. If you are nominated by the Australian employer, then you are eligible for it. In another case, if you have worked very shortly or never worked in this country, it is designed for you. Moreover, temporary residents, who were not qualified with the help of the Temporary Residence Transition Stream can apply for it. Once you are done with the fulfillment of the requirements, then you can easily go further in the process. Make sure that you have enough funds to support your application process.

Find the services online

Applying in this category is always seem to be a difficult process for those, who are going to apply in this category for the first time. There is nothing to worry about the application process as travel agents are helpful in the cases. You can find a company that has Australia direct entry stream visa services India to offer. They are beneficial to give you suggestions and knowledge about the application process. First of all, ensure to complete all the requirements and then find an expert and reliable travel company that has a specialization in this field. This way, you can become successful in the visa category.

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