Best Featured Business Phone Number: Line2

A phone number which is toll free number and used for calling all over world, is known as business phone number. All business organizations should have business phone number so that call charges for business will be less. You will also able to forward any call to your business employee or client or customer easily. If we talk in technical terms, business phone number is known as direct inward dialing (DIDs) numbers.

Why We Use Business Phone Numbers?

Every business need phone number but many people think that what the need for business phone numbers is. We have provided some solution so that business owners can find out their answers without taking too much stress.

All calls are at local call charge – a business is not specific for particular area. For your business, you may have to call either internationally or in roaming area and call charges will be high. If you made call from business phone number, you will only pay local call charges. Call voice quality will be best and you can also make video call to any part of the world.

Forwarding of calls from one device to other is easy – if you are busy on call and getting other call on your number, then you can transfer or forward it to other device and caller will not get idea that you have forwarded call. Get the business phone number of Line2 service and attend all incoming calls. This shows your professionalism to the customers towards your business.

Effective benefits for having line2 business phone number for business purpose:

If you have started your business or thinking to start a new business, then you will not able to have expensive call charges. Business phone number is mandatory thing so that you can do effective communication with your customers and employees.  Business phone number will help you to forward call to another number if you are busy. Auto attendant calling facility is also provided with all business phone number. Some other benefits of business phone number are:

  • Customer greeting
  • Call history
  • Call recording
  • High quality sound
  • Facebook and twitter messages
  • Free talk up to 10000 minutes
  • Port existing number
  • Dynamic task management
  • Voice mail and transcription
  • Permanent reports
  • Auto receptionist
  • Email request
  • Multiple extensions
  • No extra hardware needed
  • Black list call routing
  • Call queues
  • Toll free
  • Call forwarding to any device
  • Mobile app for both android and iOS
  • DND status
  • Conference calls

Phone numbers for business purpose are free or not?

There are number of service providers who provide special phone number for your business. Some provide without taking even single rupee while some charges few amount. If you are looking for completely free business phone number, then download applications like Line2 from internet. If you are ready to pay few amount like $5 to $10, then contact one of best provider for getting monthly plan.

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